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July 15, 2019

What is Viatek ScanAssist?

Viatek ScanAssist is an add-on exclusive to our feature-rich trust accounting software, Gateway. It uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to capture invoice details from scanned images, and feeds them into the right fields of your invoice payments window. It also files a PDF copy of the scanned invoice against the file, so you’ll never need the paper copy again.


Why should you use Viatek ScanAssist?

Paper be gone!



Besides making your office less of a fire trap, a smart paperless strategy has serious benefits. There’s the time savings you get from having everything at your fingertips, for one. But going paperless also declutters the office, and makes knowledge transfer between staff easier (especially if you store your documents in shared folders or drives). 

In short, a smart paperless strategy is more efficient, more cost-effective, and more convenient. That’s why Viatek ScanAssist is such a popular add-on for our Gateway clients.


How Viatek ScanAssist works

In Gateway, ScanAssist streamlines your accounts payable process. When you scan an invoice, ScanAssist reads and translates it from an image into text. It then feeds that information into your payments window in Gateway, ready for your review. Looks good? It’s just a click to process and disburse. 

Viatek’s customers estimate that ScanAssist has saved them about 95% of their invoice processing time. Other Viatek customers say that ScanAssist in Gateway has shaved nearly $30,000 per year off their operating costs in man hours alone. And because it bypasses human processing, it also bypasses the possibility of human data entry error. 

Are you ready to add Viatek ScanAssist to your Gateway subscription? Find out more here


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