Picking a real estate podcast to listen to in 2020

July 27, 2020

If you don’t listen to podcasts regularly, there’s a good chance that someone you know does. In fact, according to Deloitte, 1.6 million Australians now regularly download podcasts, with the market set to generate almost $50 million in revenue by the end of 2020.

And while the majority of successful podcasts might revolve around news and current affairs, comedy, and true crime, there’s still plenty to choose from for those who want to focus on their careers.

For real estate professionals particularly, there’s a wealth of informative, educational, and insightful real estate podcasts available, produced by industry and investment experts from across Australia and around the world.

Keen to hear more? We've put together a list of some of the most popular real estate podcasts for you to get started with.


Must-listen Real Estate Podcasts in 2020

Elevate by Elite Agent

Hosted by Elite Agent’s co-founder and managing editor Samantha McLean, Elevate covers almost anything and everything to do with the real estate business, including industry news, market analysis, exclusive interviews, and professional development.

With episodes running from 20 minutes to up to an hour, there's plenty to sink your teeth into. Each is hosted on its own page, which includes a handy summary and links to further resources if you want to dig deeper.


The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

With more than 30,000 hours of real estate industry coaching under his belt, Tom Ferry has built his name—and his business—around helping people excel in the property market. In his podcast, Tom shares his hard-earned expertise on how to get ahead in the real estate business, as well as interviewing guests to glean further insights.

While some episodes run for up to one hour, others can be consumed in just a few minutes, so you can dip your toes into a range of topics without over-committing.


The Proptech Podcast

If you’re keen to find out more about how technology is evolving in real estate, The Proptech Podcast is a great place to start. Hosted by Kylie Davis, whose previous experience includes roles at CoreLogic, REINSW, and PIPA, the podcast explores how technology is both challenging and propelling the industry forward.

Each episode runs for about 40 minutes and features an interview with a different proptech innovator, offering exciting glimpses of the real estate industry’s future.


Secrets of the Top 100 Agents

Secrets of the Top 100 Agents is exactly what it says on the tin, with most episodes focusing on one of Australia’s best agents and what sets them apart from their competition. These glimpses into what makes the industry’s top performers tick are filled with powerful insights and ingenious strategies.

Each episode tends to run from between 20 minutes to half an hour, so they’re long enough to deliver real value without overstaying their welcome. The podcast also offers a weekly industry news wrap-up.


High Performance with Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips

Featuring top real estate coach Josh Phegan and expert real estate agent Alexander Phillips, High Performance is all about dramatically increasing market success and productivity.

In each weekly episode, the two real estate professionals talk through their top tips and secrets for agents who want to push their careers further, covering everything from presentation and marketing to self-management and growth.

Normally around just five minutes long, episodes are easy to digest but packed with transformative advice, so they’re perfect for busy real estate agents.


7 Figure Attraction Agent

With his weekly coaching videos watched by over 20,000 agents, Tom Panos is one of the real estate industry’s most popular and well-known personalities. He’s worked with major networks across the country, teaching agents how to attract business—not just chase it.

His podcast, 7 Figure Attraction Agent, shares short and simple yet effective lessons to support success, delivered in Tom’s classic no-nonsense style. Tom also contributes to Million Dollar Agent along with John McGrath and Troy Malcolm.


Michael Yardney’s Podcast

As a wealth creation and investment expert, author, and CEO and founder of Metropole Property Strategists, Michael Yardney has no shortage of opinions or insights when it comes to success in the property market.

While pitched more at investors than property agents, his podcast still provides plenty of useful insights and common-sense advice on investing, finances, business, productivity, and success in general. Episodes run from 30 minutes all the way up to an hour.

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