New integration with Property Inspection Manager provides choice, flexibility, and broad coverage for all property types

January 20, 2021

New Console Cloud partners

MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCASTDATE: Thursday 28 January, 2021Brisbane + Perth, AustraliaNew inspection integration provides choice, flexibility, and broad coverage for all property typesConsole Cloud’s list of software integration partners has extended to include globally recognised firm Property Inspection Manager, or PIM, as it’s affectionately known by its users.Property Inspection Manager is an Australian-developed app used by over 600 Property Management companies across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and the USA. It’s fast becoming the app of choice for property management professionals who need an app that can help them improve their processes, and assist them to build their brands and their businesses,’ says Sales Director, Jeremy Emms.Console Cloud is Australia and New Zealand’s fastest-growing cloud-based property management and real estate software platform. It’s a comprehensive software platform that integrates with an ecosystem of reputable partners. Together, they enable property management businesses to achieve greater business scale and success. Console’s Partnerships Lead Natasha Anich says ‘This new integration is particularly important for those real estate offices that have very unique needs when it comes to performing inspections and returning reports to landlords and tenants. ‘In one connected app, users can conduct and manage all property types, including their residential, commercial, holiday and short-term rentals.’ The value of the PIM app is that it delivers the most flexible and customisable service available in the market. It’s the perfect tool for property management businesses that have very specific inspection needs.‘Our partnership with Console is ideal for PMs requiring seamless integration with Console Cloud, without compromising their need for customised report formats, settings, and inspection processes,’ says Product Director, Phil Grida.This flexibility, coupled with an integration with Console Cloud, creates an important partnership that meaningfully benefits property management businesses across Australia and New Zealand.A partnership built with a common focusWhile both partners host apps for inspections, what makes this integration special is the common focus around the user experience. It’s important to both businesses for users to have choices. Now, agencies using Console Cloud will have access to multiple apps (via Console Cloud’s Marketplace) that best suit their business structure and focus. Property Inspection Manager’s Sales Director Jeremy Emms remarked about the unusually competitive integration. ‘It’s a great partnership, focused on delivering an inspection solution for those Console Cloud customers requiring something a bit different.’ The Property Inspection Manager integration is now live in Console Cloud.How this integration worksConsole Cloud users wanting to link their office to Property Inspection Manager simply need to activate the app from the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud. Once linked, any inspections scheduled in Console Cloud will be immediately pushed to the Property Inspection Manager app. You can carry out inspections and create reports from within the Property Inspection Manager App. When you’re ready to finalise the inspection, that information will be pushed back into Console Cloud automatically.Users can download the Property Inspection Manager app via their website, or the App store. –ends. About Console: Console has been the leading Australian and New Zealand provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 29 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest-growing cloud-based property management software platform. About Console Cloud: Console Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping property management professionals do less, make more, and grow more. Console Cloud is designed differently from other software to change how property managers deliver services. We’ve built clever workflows to help you do less admin, powerful business insights to help you make better decisions, and rich trust accounting functionality to let you do what you need to without workarounds. So if you’re ready to do less admin, give customers better insights and value, and spend more time growing your portfolio, Console Cloud might be for you.For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.About Property Inspection Manager (PIM): For 10 years, Property Inspection Manager has delivered the most flexible and customisable property inspection app in the market. They make inspections faster, more efficient, secure, and compliant. Ideal for residential, commercial, and short-term/holiday property managers. They serve over 600 Property Management companies across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and the USA. To learn more visit | LinkedIn | FacebookContact for more information and interest in integration: Natasha Anich, Growth & Strategy Lead — Console 1300 131 311 or visit our integration partner page

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