Movinghub Australia joins forces with Console Cloud

March 10, 2020

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DATE: 10 March 2020

Brisbane, Queensland



Console Cloud software developers Console Group integrate with leading international connections + utilities tech company Movinghub Australia. Console Cloud is the fastest growing cloud-based Property Management software platform in Australia and New Zealand. Movinghub is a globally recognised home services software business currently servicing Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.


Movinghub Australia joins Console Cloud integrations partners

Leading connections and utilities provider Movinghub Australia works with real estate agencies to help tenants easily organise and cluster moving and utilities services such as electricity, gas, and removalists. By offering them all from one online platform, Movinghub makes life easier for tenants and agencies alike.

Rapidly growing tech company Movinghub operates in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK. Their services have now moved over half a million customers, and have earned them global recognition in their field.

When asked about the decision to choose to partner with Console Cloud, Movinghub Australia CEO Kris Bondin said, "We're excited about the partnership given the recent success and development of the Console Cloud platform."

"We've been integrating with platforms globally for years to help real estate agents connect their clients to service providers when moving home, with a unique white-label experience. The Console Cloud partnership was a no brainer to support the evolution of the marketplace."


How Movinghub helps property management agencies

Their integration with Console Cloud means agencies will now be able to offer Movinghub services to tenants directly from their Property Management software account. That means there is no extra data entry or cross-keying required, and less admin to manage.

Movinghub not only makes moving easier for tenants, it operates under a white label model. This means that agencies can brand their Movinghub service and maintain ownership of their customer data. With 25 types of moving and utilities services available, Movinghub can help agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services to their tenants.

Better still, Movinghub offers agencies commissions for connections, providing an extra source of income. Reporting is also offered in real time, so agencies can easily keep track.


Console Cloud and Movinghub leading the future of property management.

According to Bondin, "We're [living] in an era where software users want efficiency. They want processes with repetitive steps streamlined or eliminated, so they can focus on the more important things in their day."




About Console: Console has been the leading Australian provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 28 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest growing cloud-based Property Management software platform. Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely.


About Console Cloud: Console Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping Property Management professionals do less, make more, and grow more. Console Cloud is designed differently to other software to change how property managers deliver services. We’ve built clever workflows to help you do less admin, powerful business insights to help you make better decisions, and rich trust accounting functionality to let you do what you need to without workarounds.

So if you’re ready to do less admin, give customers better insights and value, and spend more time growing your portfolio, Console Cloud might be for you.

For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.


Movinghub Australia

About Movinghub: Founded in 2010, Movinghub has expanded to operate in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK. It offers an end-to-end home moving and connections service for businesses in real estate, finance and related industries.

Movinghub’s software simplifies the process of moving house for tenants by helping them arrange a wide variety of essential services in one place online, or with the help of Movinghub’s unique Movologist concierge service. It also provides agencies with the opportunity to provide their own branded moving services to tenants at no additional cost.

Movinghub is changing how businesses think, and people move.


To learn more visit | LinkedIn | Facebook

Contact for more information: Natasha Anich, Growth & Strategy Lead — Console | 1300 131 311.

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