Introducing an easier (and cheaper) software to manage real estate sales and trust accounting

August 19, 2020

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DATE: 19 August, 2020

Brisbane, Australia


Introducing Console Sales - an easier (and cheaper) way to manage real estate sales and trust accounting

Console launches Console Sales, a sales trust accounting platform available to Console Cloud users via Marketplace. This add-on lets agents to track all business revenue—sales, property management, and other streams of income—in one place. It is priced at around a third of the average subscription cost of a dedicated sales CRM, making it a great option for agencies wanting to save money on their technology stack.

Console Sales is designed to simplify the sales process, and the number of apps and software subcriptions used to manage it. Agents can easily manage every stage of the sales cycle in Console Cloud, and takes advantage of its advanced trust accounting funcitonality. It handles expense management for things like vendor paid advertising, as well as contact management, contract tracking, and other features to help your team progress towards settlement.


Streamlined processes free up more time so you can chase more listings

Console Sales marks a signficiant upgrade from Console Cloud’s original sales trust accounting functionality. It allows agents to see all of the important information on the sales lifecycle on one screen and easily access detailed and accurate accounts of sale.

Key communications, receipts and contracts are all easy to log and share from the property profile page. With the new sales feature sitting directly within the Console Cloud platform, double handling and data loss will become a thing of the past. This means your entire agency can work from the same platform.

“Our research showed that agents using expensive and complex CRMs often only used a small proportion of the features,” says Matt McGown, Chief Product Officer at Console.

“We worked with the industry to define the most important features that sales and trust accounting professionals need. Then we used those features to create a simple, easy-to-use add-on that sales agents could pick up and run with.”


Only pay for features you’ll actually use

Based on real-life feedback from agents, the core functionality of Console Sales includes a stack of the most-used features from more complex and expensive sales CRMs—without the extra noise of features you’ll never touch.

The new Console Sales features allows agents to:

  • Prioritise tasks based on advanced sorting and filtering by deal stage, expiration date or settlement date
  • Track Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) expenses and balances
  • Create detailed Accounts of Sale with VPA line items
  • Add solicitor details for buyers and sellers
  • Terminate contracts and pass on penalties
  • See the history of contracts against a sale, including terminated contracts
  • Calculate settlement (and pre-settlement) balances
  • Easily split deposits between initial and balance

If you’re an existing Console Cloud user

As of 1 August 2020, these new and existing sales-specific features in Console Sales will cost a flat $150/mth to add to your subscription—around one third of the cost of most real estate sales-specific software.

What you need to do:

If you would like to add Console Sales to your subscription, head to the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud on or after August 1 and activate it from the panel. Please note that only administrators can make this change.

Activating Console Sales means you agree to add the flat $150/mth fee to your existing Console Cloud subscription costs. If you'd prefer to keep paying for a separate sales CRM, or you don’t need a sales CRM: no action is required.

Do less, make more.

Console Sales is another tool you can use to reduce the costs of your technology stack, reduce the amount of copying and pasting of information, and make your office a more efficient and productive environment. Use it to do less data entry, and make more in your profit margins.


About Console

Console is a leading Australian provider of real estate sales, property management, and trust accounting software. Console was founded in 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, and has evolved from selling server-based trust accounting systems, to developing true SaaS enterprise software.

Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across Australasia, and serves more than 4000 customers across Australia and New Zealand, including more than 1300 Console Cloud customers.

For more information about our products, services and background, visit | LinkedIn | Facebook |




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