How Console is Building a Property Management Community

November 24, 2022

What exactly is a property management community?

In the eyes of Console, this is our many wonderful customers, their tenants and landlords, who all have interactions with us and play a role in how we build the future of property management software. One of the ways Console is committed to further building this community well into the future is by hearing your suggestions, ideas, desires and thoughts. What good is it building software (or anything really), if it’s not going to do the things you need it to?

We have been making sure every aspect of our business focuses on these key things:

  1. Trust
  2. Collaboration
  3. Innovation
  4. Excellence

As such we have been hyper focused on all corners of our business making sure what we have inside continues to enhance our customer experience as we work together in changing property management software one day at a time.

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is where it’s at

This is what separates Console from other property management software. Our automated features (and not auto reminders, which act just like your calendar alerts or an alarm), are true automated actions. They are hands off, meaning once you set your rules, they will run and do as you say. And this cannot be done without artificial intelligence helping to build the ‘instructions’ for these workflows. Hear what our Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Matt McGown has to say about AI adoption being a liberation from tasks weighing down agents.

Our very own team of developers built our Workflows to ensure your responsibilities in property management could be much more streamlined and take the pressure off doing so many repetitive tasks, where you have more time to manage other areas of your properties. Our workflows have been continuously growing and we are quite happy to say they are pretty schmick. In fact, we have 8 fully automated workflows for some major areas of property management across Advertising, Applications, Arrears, Compliance, Inspections, Lease Renewals, Maintenance and Vacating.

Working together with our customers

Console is always looking out for what our customers have to share in order to drive a roadmap of continuous improvement and the most innovative property management software product on the market. We have a Cloud Feedback platform which collects all the ideas and suggestions our customers want to see. These are voted on by other customers who may have similar suggestions and our product team keeps a close eye on these with automated notifications sent to our sugestee’s inbox, notifying them of status updates on their ideas!

Involving our customers like this and in various other ways is what led us to create Analyticsᐩ launched recently this year. This is easily the most comprehensive business intelligence tool built into a property management software, meaning no integration required. It’s within the platform, removing costs of third party software to gain true business intelligence that goes beyond regular reporting. We know that being data driven is essential to help grow a business efficiently, and with the suggestions from our customers, we believed it was essential to build this for you in Console Cloud.

We also have several other very exciting new features in our roadmap so you can be assured, there is always something to look forward to with Console. We listen, we build, we deliver, we improve and that is part of our greatest values to be innovative and this cannot be done without our wonderful customers, our incredible team of talented individuals, and collaboration at its core.

Putting the platform in your hands

With continuous development always at the forefront of our minds and our roadmaps, we know that giving our customers the freedom to move while using our platform has been paramount. Our mobile apps for Property Managers and Tenants are well and truly used. So much so, check out these cool facts and figures.

Since launching Console Go just 2 years ago there have been…

  • 14k Console Go app users.
  • 282M actions taken in the app.
  • 46M photos taken using the app
  • In one month there are an average 4.5m photos taken
  • iPhones are the most popular devices
  • A crash free rates of over 96%

Since we launched our Console Tenant App in 2018 we have…

  • 210k Console Tenant app users.
  • 56M actions taken in the app.
  • Each month more than 10K new tenants on the app
  • A crash free rate of and app stability above 99% consistently.

Thank you to all for being part of our community

We are so inspired by our customers who give us wonderful ideas and insights into what works best in their busy roles and how property management tech can facilitate their business goals. We thoroughly enjoy building a community of innovation and collaboration where we know the future is looking bright for this industry! A massive thank you for our customers, our team, our integration partners and our subscribers as we continue our commitment to you and change the property management software industry one step at a time.

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