Webinar Highlights | 2020 Summer Release

February 7, 2020

In our mission to power greater success for property managers, trust accountants, and principals across Australia and New Zealand, we’re constantly adding new features and upgrades to Console Cloud. And the last three months were no exception.

From an upgraded lease renewal workflow and Forms Live integration to brand-new key management and KPI reporting capabilities, we’re packing more and more productivity enhancements into the software with each release.

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A little about why we've built Cloud the way we have

Our development philosophy is all about creating software that does what software is good at—repetitive, time-consuming tasks—so you can focus on what you’re good at: building relationships, delivering value to your clients, and growing your rent roll.

To put that in perspective, let’s run through a few numbers.

With automated SMS and email reminders, our arrears workflow has now more than halved the time tenants spend in arrears, while our lease renewals workflow saves 30 minutes per renewal.

Meanwhile, our maintenance workflow—combined with our tenant app—breezes through maintenance activities in just 15 minutes, and our fully automated compliance workflow is up to 80% faster than traditional processes.

For a 120-property portfolio, all that adds up to an extra 185 hours saved every year. Not bad if you’re one of the many property managers who’d love just a little more time to get things done in a day.

Now, onto the features…


Lease renewals

We’ve made our Lease Renewals workflow even more efficient by allowing you to capture landlord intention and make a rent recommendation in one single step. The workflow generates a fully customisable email with merge templates, which includes a link for owners to follow.

From here, they can easily signal their intention to continue leasing the property or not and accept your rent recommendation or reply using a text box. Of course, all replies are automatically captured and fed into the Lease Renewals workflow, cutting down on the steps it takes to manage this process.


Key management

While keeping track of keys is a crucial task for any Property Management agency, the actual systems used to do so have historically been inefficient and mired in unaccountability—spreadsheets stored on a single computer or a shared office notepad, for instance.

Our new Key Management workflow is built straight into Console Cloud, so it’s easily accessible and completely transparent. It offers one-click key checkouts and check-ins, with a timeline that’s updated in real-time to show when keys were checked out and by whom, as well as who it was authorised by.

Even better, it’s available right now for free as part of any Console Cloud subscription.


Owner Portal

Console Cloud’s Owner Portal, which offers access self-serve information—including statements, selected documents, rent paid, income, expenses, and inspection reports— is also receiving a significant upgrade.

In an update slated for March, we’ll be releasing the capability for agencies to add their own branding onto the portal, as well as increasing the amount of information available to owners, such as activity reports to demonstrate just how much value your office provides.


Forms Live integration

Victorian Console Cloud customers can now enjoy the freedom to generate fully compliant forms in seconds thanks to our new Forms Live integration—the first of its type in the Property Management software industry.

Forms can be created from multiple locations from within Console Cloud, including tenant pages and workflows, and automatically pre-populated with accurate information drawn directly from the software. Electronic signing is also available, using a tablet for instance, or with a DocuSign subscription. And, all forms are automatically updated by Forms Live, so you’re always compliant.


Dashboard updates

To help you keep even better track of where your agency is at, we’ve introduced two new widgets to the Console Cloud dashboard for insurance for landlords and creditor insurance.

These provide at-a-glance updates on upcoming insurance expiries, so you—and your clients and creditors—are never caught by surprise.


Insights and KPI reporting

We’re also upgrading the reporting available through our Insights panel, offering both operational and KPI reporting, so you can drill down into what’s powering your agency’s success, and where there’s room for improvement.

Keep track of all your key metrics, and export data sets with custom date ranges for further analysis. These reports are only available at the Administrator level and up, so principals and senior property managers can stay up-to-date on their portfolio’s progress, without the risk of sensitive information being shared too widely.


And that's not even all of it...

There’s plenty more to check out in our Console Cloud Summer Release Webinar, including a special sneak peek of our upcoming Insights+ upgrade, which offers even more customisable reporting functionality.

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