Summer Webinar Q&A Wrap-Up

August 27, 2020

Our recent Console Cloud Release Webinar was our biggest yet, drawing hundreds of attendees from around Australia and New Zealand. And with plenty of brand new features to show off—including key management, an even more efficient lease renewal workflow, and updates to our Owner’s Portal and Tenant App—there was no shortage of queries for our team of product experts.

To help out anyone else who’s thinking about making the upgrade to faster, smarter, and simpler property management and trust accounting software, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions and their answers.

Onto the questions

Q. If we move to Console Cloud, do we still need to keep our server and run manual backups?

A. No, you don’t. Console Cloud is hosted online through Amazon Web Services, and all your data is automatically backed up in multiple data centres. That said, if you still use other server-based software, you will still require a server for those.


Q. Does Console Cloud integrate with ADL forms?

A. Not yet. ADL is not yet cloud-enabled, and there are no cloud-based property management and trust accounting platforms that offer this integration. That said, with the recent introduction of our Forms Live integration, we do now offer Australia-wide coverage for generating state-compliant forms.


Q. Can you download reports for the key management workflow?

A. Yes, you can. From the property list, it’s simple to export a CSV including all properties and key numbers, or a list of all properties with keys currently checked out.


Q. Does Console Cloud have a gained and lost managements report?

A. Yes, there is. It’s available in the Insights section of Console Cloud, along with a range of other reports that can be exported to CSV for further analysis.


Q. Is there a “cheat sheet” to help tenants get to grips with the Tenant App?

A. This help article includes everything you—and your tenants—need to know about about the tenant app, including information on inviting tenants, onboarding them, and troubleshooting any issues.


Q. Will we get an alert when a tenant logs a maintenance request using the app?

A. Yes, you will. The bell icon at the top-right of the Console Cloud screen will alert you to important events, such as a maintenance request being logged through the app, or a lease renewal response from a tenant or owner.


Q. How many invoices can you upload at once using FlashScan?

A. You can upload up to 100 invoices at once, but the process is repeatable, so you can easily upload as many invoices as you need.


Q. Can we upload our logo to use in communications?

A. Yes, you can. It will then be automatically added into a number of different reports and documents generated from Console Cloud. We are also working on the capability for agencies to add their branding to the Owners’ Portal too.


Q. Can you tell at a glance if a lease renewal has been sent out of the system?

A. Our recently released “Last Action” feature shows the most recent action undertaken for a property. That means if the lease agreement has been sent to the tenant for signing, it will be displayed on your property list.


Q. Does Cloud integrate with Macquarie BankLink?

A. If you bank with Macquarie, you can already receipt in bulk by using the TXN file available through the Macquarie website. We will soon make this even more efficient with a direct integration that will automatically bring in the transactions without having to import them.

That’s it for now, but if you still have questions about Console Cloud property management software, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more from one of our dedicated product specialists. Or, if you’d like to watch the webinar for yourself, use the link below.

Watch the webinar

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