buyers guide to property management software

Buyer’s guide to property management software


Introduction to the buyer’s guide to property management software

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, agencies are moving faster than ever to cloud-based property management software platforms so they can work remotely in the coming months. While admittedly this new ebook, Buyer’s guide to property management software, was written for agencies with more time up their sleeves, there’s still a lot of information in there that can help your agency compare the best property management software in Australia quickly. 


This ebook is free.

We believe you should be furnished with the right information and instructions to prepare yourself for a change of software.

The book is yours to use. We hope it helps your agency make choices that are right for you. To give you an idea of what you can expect, the ebook is broken into 5 short chapters as follows:

  1. Introduction to the buyer’s guide
  2. Things to think about when buying Property Management software
  3. Completing your own technology stack audit
  4. Apples with apples: a criteria sheet for comparing Property Management software, and
  5. How to build a business case for Property Management software.

Here’s an extract from chapter two.


What questions should I ask software vendors when evaluating property management products?

Here’s a list of questions we think should help you find the right software for your business—besides the ones we’ve suggested you ask earlier.

  • Is this software compliant with the laws of my state or territory such that a trust account auditor would recommend it to me? If yes, prove this is the case. 
  • Is your software cloud-based? If so, who is responsible for your web hosting, and how reliable and secure is your hosting? 
  • Does it require me to change my technology stack (i.e. the other tools, apps and software that you use currently to manage properties).
  • How will this software benefit my business? Will there be time savings and if so, where, and how can you prove those time savings are real?
  • Will there be cost savings? If so, where will I find these savings? Will it replace apps that I already use and pay for?

… [list continues].


To keep reading, you can download the guide here


Buyers Guide to Property Management Software


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