5 things you may not know about Console Cloud

May 17, 2018

Here at Console, we’ve been busy with many recent enhancements and additions to our Cloud property management product. Here are 5 enhancements we’ve recently released that you may not be aware of:

#1. Emails are now delivered under your agency’s name

Now when you send any emails through Console Cloud, it will use your agency name as the sender of those emails. Your owners, tenants and creditors can easily tell the email is from you, just by glancing at their inbox! If you wish to update the name of your agency, or how you appear in emails that you send, simply go to the ‘Office’ area within Console Cloud ‘Settings’ and update the ‘Company/Business’ name field. If you update this name, you’ll change the email sender name – as well as your agency name throughout Console Cloud (so please be careful with this).

#2. View disbursement / reconciliation / close of month history

Console Cloud now provides you with full historical access to all of your disbursement, close of month and reconciliation reports and files. You can access these through the reports screen, as well as through direct links in the reconciliation and disbursement screens. Just another way we’re looking to make your life easier!

#3. Raise maintenance requests in the Console App

For those of you utilising our Console App, you can now create maintenance requests on the go, which will sync straight into your Console Cloud maintenance workflow. This is ideal for starting your workflow at your routine inspections, so you can action afterwards as needed. You can easily enter a description and take photos of the work / maintenance problem and enter who to contact for access quickly and easily when using the app. You can find out more about the app by clicking here.

#4. Searching and auto complete dissection in payments

We’ve now improved the payments screen, so you can search for the dissection you need quickly and easily. We’ve also added the ability to select a default dissection for each creditor and have it auto-fill the dissection in the payments screen – making paying invoices quicker for you. Voila!

#5. Statement addresses are now aligned to window envelopes

For those of you posting statements, we’ve now adjusted the address layout to better accommodate the use of window envelopes. This was a popular request through our client surveys and the Console Cloud support team, and we’ve listened!

What else would you like to see on this list?

on a final note, if you’re a Console Cloud user, please make sure you keep your feedback and requests coming! At Console, your customer feedback and requests are vital to our decisions on how your product will look in the future! If you have any feedback or requests at any stage, please get in contact to have your voice heard! To see the full list of enhancements, visit our product updates page.

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