5 Reasons Not to Miss the Console Cloud Winter Release Webinar

July 19, 2020

What’s with all those Console Cloud quarterly webinars, anyway?


If you’ve heard about Console Cloud (and if you haven’t, how?!) you’ll probably know three things about it:


  1. We started with a basic cloud product that we’ve continued to develop, upgrade and improve until we were the leading product in the industry—and we’re always going to keep pushing the limits of what's possible.
  2. We were those people who invented workflows and workflow automation, saving as much as 50% of a property manager’s day.
  3. We have those quarterly webinars that lots of people seem to go to.


These facts are related

We began hosting quarterly webinars in the Spring of 2018, to show the world how we have moved on significantly from the product we released in 2017, and how quickly Console Cloud was evolving.

Workflows were created as part of our plan to develop the next generation of real estate software. Our vision was always that our customers would be able to run their businesses more profitably and more competitively than anybody else in the industry. And that’s why you can see our product is now about much more than workflows. It’s about more even than just Property Management (as you’ll see if you attend the webinar!)


Then and Now: a world apart

Our recent 12-month retrospective gives you an idea of how Console Cloud is changing in 2020. In particular, you can start to see that we’ve gone from launching lots of new workflows and other features every quarter to creating depth in those features. We're spending more time building intelligence, more customisable options, and more flexibility into Console Cloud.

We’ll continue to keep launching new features because that’s how our business has been structured, and that's how we operate. Console Cloud is really starting to shine as the leading real estate software platform in both Australia and New Zealand (and beyond).

Here's why you shouldn't miss the Console Cloud Winter Release webinar.

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Here’s why you shouldn't miss the Console Cloud Winter Release webinar:


1. It’s the single biggest webinar for property managers in the industry

As you can see by the numbers, Console Cloud’s webinars are attracting more than 1000 attendees per season, and that number is growing. At 20 July 2020, we already have more people registered than last season.

This makes it the single biggest webinar for property managers in the industry. Don’t miss out! Get an idea of what’s possible now in Australia’s leading Property Management software.


2. It’s a chance to see the people behind the business and learn about what we're building in real-time

We come to the table and tell you in real time what’s actually going on behind the scenes, so you know what you can expect to see in Console Cloud today, next week, next month, and next year.


Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll cover this webinar:

  • A massive 50% time saving in managing your inspections through our smarter workflows
  • Powerful business insights through our interactive, drill-down dashboards.  Dive into the data most important to you
  • Industry-leading tenant app that lets your tenants self-serve for key lease-related information, maintenance, direct debit rent payments, and view payment history + receipts as PDFs
  • Our beautiful owner’s portal that provides a professional web front to your owners
  • A swiss army knife of payment and statement configuration options to deliver statements to your multi-property owners how they want to receive them (saving trees in the process).
  • Fraud detection systems
  • Advanced inspections workflow options.

Casual aside: we recently launched a Facebook group exclusively for our customers called Console Insiders. If this is you, here’s the link to join!


3. It’s basically a demo without having to talk to anyone

Ever just want to see a product in action without having to commit to a sales pitch? Console Cloud’s webinar audience is typically a mix of active cloud users, Gateway users, and the rest of the industry. It means this session is focused on the product, not on trying to get you to sign somewhere.

For that reason, it does give you a lot of information you’d get in a demo, but without any of the pressure to sign up afterwards. So what have you got to lose? Just go!


4. Do less, make more: we show you how to do that

How many times have you heard the slogan, ‘do more with less’? We hate it too. In case other businesses haven’t realised, most of us are tired of trying to do more with less. Why can’t it be the other way around?

Well, actually it can. Our motto at Console is do less, make more. All our Console Cloud development is aimed at helping real estate businesses literally do less work than anyone else in the industry to generate the same amount of revenue, and then find more ways to make money.

Our webinar is no exception to that. We bring you time-saving and revenue-generating features, but we also bring you inspiration for how you can bring that kind of ethos into other areas of your work, career, business, or life.


5. There’s room for optimism: we bring you solutions for the future

Consumers at large are fatigued from all the ‘we’re in this together’ and ‘we’ll support you in these uncertain times’ emails and messaging (and we’re guilty of it too—sorry about that). Another phrase we guess you’re also sick of hearing? ‘Welcome to the new normal.’

The Console Cloud Winter Release webinar is something of an antidote to the apocalyptic funk that seems to be hanging over the tech industry at the moment. We can’t claim to be able to predict the future, but we do analyse the data available, and we always design Console Cloud features and improvements with the future in mind. The effects of a pandemic are no exception to this process.

That’s why reason #5 not to miss the webinar is this: we’re going to give you a break from all the COVID-19 doom and gloom, and show you how we’ve got you covered for the future.

We have solutions for you to look forward to. There’s room for optimism in all this, and we’re going to share it with you. Plus: It’s 45 minutes of your day you don’t have to do anything! Grab a hot beverage, get comfy, and tune in (or if you’re at home, fold washing, stretch, curl up on the couch etc).

Where to now then? Register for the webinar either by clicking on the sticky bar at the bottom of your browser, or by clicking on this big blue button:

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And finally, because we’re big on transparency, here’s a quick look back at all our previous seasonal release webinars:


Console Cloud webinars: timeline and retrospective

Here's a summary of what we launched at every Console Cloud seasonal release webinar we've ever hosted, including an attendee list.


Console Cloud Spring Release webinar, October 2018 (attendees: 134)

  • Lease Renewal workflow (making it the first-ever workflow in Property Management software in Australia)
  • Arrears workflow with partial automation
  • Integration with forms
  • Console App and Tenant App released
  • Change log/audit trail
  • Console pay launched in Console Cloud
  • On-demand fees and smart journalling.


Console Cloud Summer Release webinar, January 2019 (attendees: 310)

  • Vacate workflow introduced, begins to shave 13 days off tenant vacate cycle.
  • Lease renewal upgraded; data shows agencies’ are now receiving tenant lease renewal intentions in <3 days on average (down from weeks).
  • Tenant timeline introduced; agencies begin using it as evidence for tribunals, and to make sure everyone is ‘on the same page’ with respect to a tenancy.
  • Drag and drop invoices into Cloud, and it’ll ‘read’ them using OCR (optical character recognition) technology—Console Cloud users no longer need to manually enter data for scanned documents.


Console Cloud Autumn Release webinar, March 2019 (attendees: ~500)

  • Launched tenant selection and onboarding workflow
  • Automatic transaction imports from multiple banks via Bank Feed
  • Bulk email and SMS communication options launched
  • Flashscan launched
  • Comprehensive forms integration with Real works / REI forms
  • Document storage and management anywhere you like in Console Cloud.


Console Cloud Winter Release webinar, July 2019 (attendees: ~700)

  • Tenant applications workflow launched to all customers
  • We launch the industry’s most advanced and automated workflow: The Compliance workflow
  • Communications: more options in workflows, template library + DIY template options released
  • Maintenance workflow released
  • Tenant App released
  • Improved migration tools for agencies using server-based software.


Console Cloud Spring Release webinar, October 2019 (attendees: ~950)

  • Inspections workflow launched
  • Water invoicing
  • Doubled-down on Compliance workflow—Console Cloud customers become the best able to de-risk and protect their business against lapsing compliance certificates
  • Task management and more flexible options
  • Even More Migrations power-ups.


Console Cloud Summer Release webinar, January 2020 (attendees: ~1,000)

  • Console Cloud launches in New Zealand
  • Owner portal launched
  • Forms Live integration launched
  • Key management workflow launched
  • Better dashboard and insights reporting
  • KPI reporting
  • Lease renewals gets more automation.
  • Compliance workflow becomes almost fully-automated—the first of its kind, and now our most mature workflow
  • Arrears workflow now cutting arrears down to <2 days on average
  • Marketplace launched, offering four add-ons.

Console Cloud Autumn Release webinar, April 2020 (attendees: ~1,100)

Amid a rising pandemic, we change our roadmap and focus on developing features that will help our property managers now.

  • Tenant self-inspections: we give customers the option of letting tenants do routine inspections on their device and sending it back to the property manager.
  • Edit + duplicate inspections data (including tenant self-inspection data).
  • We launch Nebula, our brand new learning platform (psst! It’s still free, but it won’t be for much longer so sign up now).
  • The owner portal gets sophisticated with a new look + feel, ability to add any documents and customise what landlords see + better oversight of their properties for peace of mind.
  • Insights Plus beta launches, giving users access to the most advanced insights tool in the industry.
  • Yardstick launched: free net promoter scoring tool native to Console Cloud lets users see which landlords are your promoters, and which are at risk of churning.
  • Complete Real Estate Services and Movinghub partner with Console Cloud.
  • We released the Buyer’s Guide to Property Management Software.
  • Single EOFY statement for customers who migrate from Gateway.
  • Tenants can sign up to Console Pay via the tenant app.

Console Cloud Winter Release webinar, August 2020


New features:

  • Not so fast! You’ll have to watch to find out ;)

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