Complex property receipting, done in minutes

Console Pay for Gateway is the only integrated payments solution in the industry


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Console Pay
streamline payments

Streamline your payments

 Console Pay’s powerful automated solution allows you to take control over all your transactions.

  • Streamline agency rent receipting processes
  • Automate your cash flow
  • Keep your tenants happy with easy payment services

Console Pay is powered by Ezidebit,
Australia’s leading automated payments company.

revolutionising payments

We're revolutionising rent, bond and invoice payments

With Console Pay you have complete control over the payments you need to collect each day.

From rent, to bond, to tenant invoices, and deposits, you can setup simple payment schedules and then automate the process with bank account or credit card deductions. It’s the easy way to ensure your payments (and your property owner’s mortgages) are paid on time.

Faster and easier receipting
Reduce receipting to as little as five minutes with all payments accurately auto-receipted in Gateway.

Happy tenants
Provide flexible payment options to tenants, with added convenience so they can simply “set and forget” their rental payments.

Automate rent, bond and invoice collection
Create tenant payment schedules, frequency and amount. Be prompted when tenancy agreements change and manage final payments at vacate.

Happy property owners
Serve your Owners with a reliable income, with a reduced risk of late payments.

Greater visibility
Have greater visibility of tenant information, including any dishonoured payments.

Reduction in late rental payments
Reduce the cost of chasing overdue payments, with automatic direct debits in place, tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time.

Save on bank fees
When your tenants use Console Pay, you only receive one daily deposit into your Trust Account – say goodbye to those individual deposit fees.

Compatible with all banks
Console Pay works with all banks regardless of who your trust account is with or your tenant’s bank.

Cleared funds, quicker
Console Pay funds are cleared and received into your trust account within two working days.

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Free to set up, with a helping hand

Our dedicated Console Pay Concierge Team will work with you to get your new and existing tenants on board, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger, then train your entire team (at no cost) making the transition smooth and easy.

Great value, no hidden fees

There are no initial establishment or monthly
administration fees. Our low transaction fee is
typically passed on to tenants or Property Owners
and includes SMS reminders to your tenants.

Activate Console Pay in your Gateway software and access simplified payment and receipting all in one place