chase less with SMS

Keeping on top of comms can be an exhausting process. But it doesn’t have to be. You can easily send bulk and individual SMS messages to contacts through both Console Cloud and Console Gateway.


Console SMS Addons

choose your audience

Whether you need to touch base with all your tenants in an apartment block, contact a specific set of owners, or check in with creditors, we’ve made it simple to get your message out there.

in your voice

Our automated comms are anything but robotic. You know your business—and your clients—best, so you decide what to say, and when your messages go out.

Integrates with Gateway Live
Schedule and personalise
SMSes straight from your records
in Gateway Live.

Total freedom
You know your business best, so we give you the freedom to decide what to say, who your SMS should go to, and when to send it.

Accepts replies
To make sure you don’t miss anything,
it accepts replies, and forwards them directly to you.

Keep on top or arrears
Stay on top of tenants in arrears
with automated SMS reminders and warnings.

Keep leads warm
Helping you stay top of mind for your potential buyers and clients by sending SMS reminders for events and appointments.

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Choose the right plan for your agency


Monthly access fee


Flat rate of 25c per message.

*Console Gateway Only

SMS 20

Monthly access fee


100 included messages,
20c per message thereafter.

SMS 75

Monthly access fee


500 included messages,  16c per message thereafter.

SMS 150

Monthly access fee


1000 included messages,  15c per message thereafter.

SMS 500

Monthly access fee


3570 included messages,  14c per message thereafter.