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Infographic: How property managers are using the Console App

By Console | Nov 7, 2018 Technology
The Console App In April this year, we released our first app. Built to integrate with Console Cloud, the...

Nhi Chang on being an early adopter

By Console | Oct 29, 2018 @work
Why Technology Won’t Replace You Nhi Chang brings her passions for real estate, agile development, and technology to everything...

One of us: David Wallensky

By Console | Oct 26, 2018 Inside HQ
Introducing Dave David Wallensky hails from the heart of Toronto, in Canada. You know he’s from the middle of...

Highlights from the Spring Release Webinar

By Console | Oct 25, 2018 Company News
We’ve launched more than 340 improvements and new features in the last 12 months. The pace of development for...

Clean desk, clear mind: how your agency can go paperless

By Console | Oct 18, 2018 Productivity
Clean desk, clear mind You’ve heard this advice before: go paperless. You have probably also heard the reasons why....

Change logs for clear accountability

By Console | Oct 17, 2018 @work
Accountability matters. That’s why we built the Change Log in Console Cloud. Historically, agency principals had a bit of...

Spring Release Webinar registrations now open

By Console | Oct 16, 2018 News
We’ve launched more than 323 improvements and new features in the last 12 months. The pace of development for...

Console Pay now available in Cloud

By Console | Oct 5, 2018 News
Do you find rent arrears a pain in the… neck? Console Pay (powered by Ezidebit) continues to be our...

Manage Commercial Property in Console Cloud

By Console | Oct 5, 2018 News
Got commercial property? A substantial number of real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand manage a mix of...

Cloud software explained, in plain English

By Console | Sep 26, 2018 Technology
Still foggy on what cloud computing actually means? Here’s the definitive guide to what it means to be in...

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