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Relentless, never ending tasks and demands – manage them efficiently with the Console platform.

Property Managers invest every moment of their day keeping other people happy, both inside and outside of work hours. Owners, tenants, Principals, and contractors all rely on their Property Management to be efficient, predictable and responsive.

Think of Console as your own private, invisible support crew, working in the background to take the friction out of tasks and transactions in the day.

Supporting property managers, so they can deliver for their clients.

Be in control

Property Managers need tools that are more sophisticated than a spreadsheet, yet simple enough to make using them a pleasure. Console property management software has built-in capabilities designed to make tasks easier – like Action Plans in Console Gateway for example.

Feel supported

Search our Knowledge Base for helpful articles 24/7. If you need someone to help you troubleshoot or talk you through a process, our Support Team are here to help. To improve your skills, invest in education and training via our Online Education Program to help drive your career forward.

You’re compliant

You need to know that the system you are using complies legislation in your State. Console has 25 years’ experience in trust accounting and property management software. We also integrate with ADL Software legal forms and contracts, so, you will have confidence knowing you are using up to date compliant software.

Solutions and capability for every type of Property Manager

Every agency is different, so we provide software with features that will match your requirements, and help Property Managers do their job with ease. We’ve categorised our solutions below to make it easy for you to choose which combination is right for you.

Residential Unit Manager

Residential Unit Managers work directly with landlords and tenants to ultimately maintain high occupancy rates. They may either be a sole operator or have another person helping with administrative tasks, and the number of properties or units under management can be between 10 and 200.

Our recommended solution for this type of business is Console Gateway with a subscription to ADL Forms specific to the state you are operating in. We are on the lookout for smaller agencies to become early adopters of Console Cloud. Register your interest today.

Boutique Property Manager

Boutique Property Managers usually work directly with the owner of your agency to drive the property management side of the business.

Agencies with a total number of properties under management between 20 and 100 that are mostly residential with the some commercial leases or short-term or holiday letting benefit most from using Console Gateway, with a subscription to ADL Forms specific to the state they’re operating in. The agency may also benefit from a website and client relationship management solution built specifically for real estate sales.

We are also looking for small agencies to become early adopters of Console Cloud. Register your interest today.

Small to Medium Agency

Property Managers working in a small to medium sized agencies handle a lot of different tasks and assignments. Responsible for managing a portfolio of 100 – 500 properties, with a mix of mostly residential, commercial and even some strata, these PMs need software that covers a range of requirements.

Console Gateway is a good option for a mixed portfolio, or if you have multiple offices and a complex property mix we also recommend having a look at Console RPO. ADL Forms will ensure the agency stays compliant. Depending on the business structure, it may also find a website and client relationship management software beneficial.

Explore the best option for your Agency with one of our Business Managers today.

Large Agency

Property Managers in large agencies or franchises usually work with sizable teams of up to 30 employees. Sometimes the agency is organised across a mix of roles including sales and business development, leasing and property management, office administration, reception and management.

Total properties under management in the agency can sometimes exceed 500. It might be organised with dedicated people looking after each aspect of property management with separate teams for leases, arrears, and maintenance. Or you might be organised where each Property Manager looks after their own portfolio of properties.

The type of property is many and varied, with a mix of residential, commercial, short-term rentals and strata. The business may also have more than one Principal and multiple offices so collaboration and coordination between different teams and different offices is crucial.

Console Gateway is a great option to handle a mix of residential, commercial and holiday letting, while Console RPO can show you every property type and every action required across multiple office locations – all in one database and all on one screen. Other capabilities to consider include a subscription to ADL Forms or a real estate specific website and client relationship management solution.

The best way for us to understand and recommend what type of software will best suit you, is to contact us, and explore the best option for your Agency with one of our Business Managers.

Group or Franchise

Property Managers working in an agency franchise know better than anyone how important it is to have the right system for your team to drive productivity and performance.

These businesses need a system that can handle the full mix of property types, from residential, to commercial, strata, short-term and holiday letting. Having the latest, most up-to-date contracts and forms is imperative, and training and implementation that works at agency level is a huge benefit. Quick and easy reporting up the chain to your Principal and Head Office is operationally required.

For some groups, Console RPO is the right solution while for others Console Gateway will be a better fit. To find the best solution for your business, explore our features and capabilities with one of our Business Managers, to determine a tailored solution that’s right for you.

“Console has grown in the 10 years I have been using it. Now our property management department can operate with ease, create ongoing reports through the LiveAgent app which is effective, easy to use and the ability for the data to transfer across to Console quickly is a real bonus.”

Department Manager

Property Management, Hockingstuart Richmond