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When your Property Manager is happy, everyone is happy

With Console, agency Principals can grow the number of properties under management with less stress.

Partner with Console and keep your Property Manager happy.

Agency Principals want to ensure every part of their business is performing to the highest possible capacity to keep growing market share and profitability. You need to know that your team is providing unbeatable customer service to every one of your prospects and investors. The right technology can guarantee your success, so make sure you have the right systems in place to support your team.

Best practice, market-leading software that Property Managers know and trust.

Increase profitability

Set your business up with a system that makes it easy for your Property Managers to deliver a level of service that makes every owner and tenant feel like they are the only clients on your books.

Maximise capability

Partner with Console and we will help train, support and educate your team so you can keep exceptional Property Managers, and guarantee continuity of customer service in your business.

Drive growth

Grow to meet demand whilst maintaining personalised service. With the right systems in your business, your Property Managers can increase their portfolio of properties under management, with less stress.

Solutions and capability for every agency

Every agency is different, so we provide software with features that will match your requirements, and help your team do their job with ease. We’ve categorised our solutions below to make it easy for you to choose which combination is right for you.

Boutique Agency

The primary business objective of a boutique agency is to provide unbeatable service to investors and tenants. The way you achieve that is by delivering consistent, high quality customer service through your Property Managers.

If your Agency is managing between 20 – 100 properties, predominantly residential with the odd commercial or holiday rental – our recommended solution for your type of business would be Console Gateway with a subscription to ADL Forms specific to the state you are operating in. Your Agency may also benefit from a website and client relationship management solution built specifically for real estate sales.

Small to Medium Agency

As the Principal for a small to medium sized Agency you trust and empower your property management team to drive that part of the business and ensure it remains profitable. Software that provides support for end-to-end property management is imperative for your team to effectively manage their individual portfolios. Having the ability to easily blend two rent rolls is also a big advantage for when you want to grow your business.

If your rent roll is predominantly residential with a mix of commercial and maybe even some strata, Console Gateway would be a good option. If you have multiple offices you should look closer at Console RPO. Either of these solutions combined with a subscription to ADL Forms will ensure your team is empowered to be efficient and compliant.

If your website could do with a facelift, or you need to establish a new brand presence and drive new business through your online channels, Console Webchoice and Console Clientmanager can certainly help!

Large Agency

As the Principal of a large agency, your primary focus is on driving  the success of your entire team; from sales and business development, to leasing, property management, and day-to-day operations. The key to success for the property management arm of your business is visibility, collaboration and continuity across each task.

You need software that can assist your ‘team within a team’ to manage individual workloads, maintain visibility across team member responsibilities and deliver continuity of customer service to landlords and tenants across your portfolio.

Console Gateway is a great option to handle a mix of residential, commercial and holiday letting, while Console RPO manages a larger number of commercial properties with ease. RPO shows you every property type and every action required across multiple office locations all in one database and all on one screen. Both Gateway and RPO also make it easy to blend two rent rolls into one.

Other capabilities to consider include a subscription to ADL Software to make sure your contracts and forms are the latest and most up-to-date. You may also be looking for a real estate specific website and CRM solution that can be tailored to multiple office locations with consistent branding and integration deliver one overarching Agency web presence.

Explore and choose which combination of solutions are best for your agency with one of our Business Managers today.

Group or Franchise

As the owner of an Agency in a franchise or group structure you need to leverage systems and services to drive productivity and performance.The property management arm needs sfotware that can handle the full mix of property types from residential to commercial, strata, short-term, and holiday letting.

You need access to quick and easy reporting on each one of your offices to compare and manage each business as well as report relevant performance measures up to Head Office. You also need the latest, most up-to-date contracts and forms to ensure your business stays compliant.

For some groups, Console RPO is the right solution while for others Console Gateway will be a better fit depending on the size  and requirements of your business. The best way to discover and tailor the right solution for you and your team, get in touch with one of our Business Managers today.

Another capability that you may be looking for is a website and CRM solution that can be fully integrated and scaled from the individual sales agent level right up to Head Office with consistent branding and integration at every level.

“Console has grown in the 10 years I have been using it. Now our property management department can operate with ease, create ingoing reports through the LiveAgent app which is effective, easy to use and the ability for the data to transfer across to console quickly is a real bonus.”

Department Manager
Property Management, Hockingstuart Richmond