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47 plays to help your property management business work smarter, grow faster, and manage fearlessly.

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Despite COVID-19, the Australian rental market has seen its biggest rent hike in over a decade (in most states). With increased demand comes lucrative prospects, so make sure your agency is in the best shape it can be in order to make the most of it.

For teams looking to work smarter, not harder, the Playbook for Growth is full of creative suggestions on how to review your systems and processes to make sure you’re in the best shape you can be.

Play #26

Complete a tech stack assessment 

One of the most difficult parts of tackling technology maturity is getting a complete picture of what your agency relies on when it comes to IT infrastructure. Play #26 gives you the 4 steps necessary to paint the picture.

Play #2

Paperless is the pathway to better data 

Imagine if you could cut down your processes from 10 steps down to 3 – how much time (and stress) would you save? Check out play #2 to find out how.

Play #13

Take down arrears with automation 

To learn more ways to keep your arrears low and renewals high, check out play #13


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