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Console has now joined the Reapit family of products alongside Agentbox and Agentpoint. 

Agencies who are looking to put growth on repeat with a full-stack software solution can now do so with Sales, Digital Marketing and Property Management all in one place.

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Welcome to the Reapit family where growth is on repeat


About Us

Reapit is a PropTech provider that has operated in the UK and Australia for nearly 25 years. Worldwide, the company provides software solutions to over 7,000+ offices across the UK and Australia.

Reapit’s portfolio of solutions includes innovative and market-leading platforms including 

  • CRMs for Sales, Letting and property management – AgencyCloud CRM (UK) and Agentbox CRM (AUS) 
  • Solutions to manage Client Accounts and Analytics. 
  • Digital and web marketing solutions – Agentpoint and ProposalPoint

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About Console

Console has been the leading Australian and New Zealand provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 30 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest-growing cloud-based property management software platform.

About Console Cloud

Console Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping property management teams do less, make more, and grow their businesses more. It’s designed differently, with an intent to optimise every aspect of property management and trust accounting services within one platform. Console Cloud also helps owners and tenants to access key information 24/7 and communicate more easily with their agency. As one system with many integrations, apps, portals and other services, Console Cloud offers the most complete real estate business software services in Australia.

Account Info

There is no change to your day-to-day usage of your Console software. Reapit’s acquisition of Console is an exciting phase for our business. It means we will be able to provide you with best-in-class solutions to support the growth and performance of your agency, with opportunities to further accelerate innovation and demonstrate further value to you not only as a loyal Console customer but now across the entire Reapit portfolio.

There will be no change to the way we manage your subscriptions. If you need assistance, please continue to use the support we have made available to you, via our live chat, email and phone service channels. 

Customer Benefits

As a Reapit customer, you now have exposure to a global company with greater access to market-leading and best-in-class solutions adopted worldwide. This includes CRM, property mangement and web and marketing solutions that can elevate your business and brand, but streamline your operations. As a Reapit customer, you have the opportunity to run your entire business, end-to-end with Reapit Groups solutions. 

About the merger

Reapit’s primary goal is to provide real estate agencies with a 360-degree view of a property, seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant. While many companies in Australia have attempted this, adding property management capability to CRMs has often been an afterthought. The result has been a poor experience for PMs, owners and tenants. Having already acquired one of Australia’s leading CRMs in Agentbox, Reapit identified Console Cloud as the forerunner in the Australian property management space. These acquisitions mean Reapit can now bring three best in class solutions from Sales CRM, Property Management and Websites together to change what is possible for agencies in Australia. 

This announcement is great news for the property management community, and customers of the Reapit Group, with greater access to market-leading and best-in-class solutions being used worldwide. The group is positioned to offer a market-first end-to-end real estate solution for the complete real estate life cycle in the APAC region. Supported by opportunities to further accelerate innovation and value to customers across the entire Reapit – Console portfolio.

Referrals process

If customers are interested in learning more, please fill out the corresponding forms above to direct the inquiry to the sales team. The process is outlined above. 

If customers are interested in learning more, please fill out the corresponding forms above to direct the inquiry to the sales team. The process is outlined above. 

Key contacts

David Sloane | General Manager of Operations ANZ

Account Management (Existing Customers): Natasha Anich | Head of Customer Success [email protected]


Sales: Courtney Scales | Head of Growth [email protected]

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