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Viatek ScanAssist and Console Gateway are made for each other

We are excited to announce that Console Gateway is renewing its partnership with Viatek ScanAssist. ScanAssist is a data capture program that reads text and barcodes from batch scanned invoices, and automatically creates transactions in Gateway.

Wondering what this means for you? Together, Gateway and ScanAssist shave a significant amount of time off EOM procedures by cutting the manual data entry out of creditors’ invoices.

Here’s how it works: batch scan your creditor invoices, and ScanAssist will read them, populate the relevant fields, conduct a duplicate invoice check and match them against creditor information in Gateway. And that’s it—you’re done.

This means you can process large volumes of invoices with the click of a button in Gateway, and automatically create payments with the PDF invoice attached.  

What’s more, ScanAssist and Gateway can be customised for each agency, so they can work with your business to maximise automation. That’s the power of products that integrate so well. I guess you could say we were made for each other!

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New feature to Console Cloud: On-Demand Fees

On-demand fees for an on-demand future

In 2018, we live in an on-demand economy. As consumer behaviour changes, so must the way businesses deliver their services.


More than ever, we are seeing agencies moving away from a flat percentage charge for property management services to a dynamic fee structure.  But to do that effectively, the trust accounting to manage these fees also needs to be dynamic and customisable. 


On-Demand Fees allows you to do just that. It’s an advanced trust accounting feature new to Console Cloud, and it allows property managers to create custom fees and charge them as they need, on an ad-hoc or recurring basis. Create your fee in office settings > management agreement and when you’re ready to charge it, just press the button. Console Cloud takes care of the trust accounting.


This new feature means no more journalling credits and debits, and no more engineering trust accounting work-arounds for unexpected or new fees.


It’s an industry first, and we’re proud to launch it in Console Cloud.

Console Cloud On-Demand Feature
Create your own customised fee schdeule for a management agreement in the Settings tab.
Property Management Agreement Cloud Software
Simply tick the fee to add it to your management agreement. You can overwrite the fee amount at any time.
Cloud Software Property Management
And you’re set to go!

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