Property Safe / Maintenance Manager

PropertySafe / Maintenance Manager

PropertySafe is the leading provider of risk mitigation and workflow solutions to Property Management businesses across Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to partner with Console to deliver the new workflow solution Console Maintenance Pro powered by Maintenance Manager.

Safety & Compliance Reports by PropertySafe

PropertySafe offers a proactive inspection strategy to help agencies manage their compliance requirements and also reduce the chance of successful legal claims resulting from injuries to tenants from the mishandling of maintenance tasks.

A PropertySafe report;

  • Identifies potential hazards within a property;
  • Identifies any areas of non-compliance against state based legislation
  • Provides recommended actions and quote documents;
  • Uses experienced, certified and insured inspectors;
  • Delivers crucial protection to Owners and Property Managers;
  • Provides a safer environment for tenants and family;

PropertySafe works with your team to assist in educating owners about the importance of tenant safety and compliance. PropertySafe helps you outsource this risk to trained professionals, better protecting you, your owners and tenants.

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