Using Gateway Filestream will reduce your database size without the need for archiving, and your files and images will continue to be backed up together with your other data as normal.

You will be able to use the Gateway file management system capabilities (e.g. attaching images and files to properties, tenants & maintenance tasks in Gateway) without worrying about reaching the 10GB SQL Server Express data limit and having to archive your data at inconvenient times.

So what is Filestream?

Filestream utilises an attribute of Microsoft’s SQL Server to re-organise the way your file and image data is stored in your database.

Essentially the images & attachments in your database will be stored a little differently in the back ground. This will reduce your database size and avoid the need to perform archives or upgrade your SQL version which may be fairly costly. Please note: This will not speed up your backups

How can I check my database size?

It’s quick and easy. Simply log into Gateway, then go to File and down to database properties.

The Express version limit is 10GB. If you have reached or getting close to this limit please continue to read:

Filestream only needs to be enabled on Express versions of SQL. If you are using standard Filestream is not required

Compatible Versions

The minimum compatible SQL version is SQL 2008 R2 (10.50.4000). If you are running an earlier version then it will need to be upgraded first before enabling Filestream.

How do I enable Filestream?

Filestream can either be enabled by yourself or your technician.

Our guide will step through the process from start to finish and enable this feature with as little downtime as possible.

Alternatively we are currently offering a free upgrade service normally valued at $125.

If you have checked your database properties and are interested in this, please email your request to [email protected] .

We will then be in contact to arrange a time that suits you best during business hours.