Highlights from the Console Cloud Summer Release Webinar

Highlights from the Summer Release Webinar


Over the last quarter, we’ve given Console Cloud a real summer of love, with loads of new features and functionality.

More than 300 of you tuned in to find out what’s been on the boil. But, in case you missed it, here are the highlights.

Words, words, words. Show me the webinar!

Streamlined and seamless

We’ve heard how much you love our workflows. They streamline processes, cut down on tedious tasks, and eliminate swapping between screens and programs. So we’ve doubled down and added even more to Console Cloud’s already superhero-style utility belt.


Renewing renewals

Unlike diamonds, tenancies aren’t forever. But thanks to our upgraded Lease Renewals workflow, processing them doesn’t have to last an age, either.

From the Lease Renewals dashboard, you’re able to see a filterable list of all your tenancies with upcoming renewals, and check the tenant and owner intent, contract end date, and the last action taken.

You can even send your tenants a quick email to find out whether they’d like to renew or vacate. Over 1,200 emails seeking tenant intent have already been sent, with an impressive 70% response rate and an average time-to-respond of under 3 days.


Take the ache out of arrears

Taking the ache out of arrears was never going to be easy. They’re time-consuming, uncomfortable and every PM’s worst nightmare. Not anymore.

The updated Arrears workflow is a cinch to manage, allowing you to set automatic and customisable SMS reminders for tenants, view all your tenancies in arrears on one screen, and generate forms such as Remedy Breach and Notice To Leave in seconds.

Everything you see in the Arrears workflow is also captured in a Tenancy Timeline (more about that later), so, it’s simple to prepare for a tribunal if things go a bit pear-shaped.


Shaving days off vacates

We also introduced a totally new workflow for vacates, shaving literally days—13, on average—off the time it takes to finalise a tenancy. As well as providing all the information and actions you need in one place, the Vacate workflow makes it simple to keep track of overpaid and underpaid rent, and outstanding invoices.

From there, Console Cloud’s embedded trust accounting capability even allows you to transfer overpaid rent straight into the tenancy deposit. No more alt-tabbing for you.


Power through payments

Speaking of invoices, when it comes to paying yours, we’ve made things even easier. Console Cloud now harnesses cutting-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, empowering you to pay invoices in mere moments.

Simply import documents, individually or in bulk, and let Cloud do all the heavy lifting for you. Manually entering payees, dates, properties, BPAY references and amounts? It’s a thing of the past.


Everything at a glance

Alongside our new and improved workflows, we’ve also added in some efficiency-boosting extras.


See and secure

If you haven’t already read all about it, Cloud now offers an array of powerful insights that provide a bird’s-eye-view of your business.

Designed to empower principals and senior PMs, the new Insights dashboard offers all sorts of juicy stats, including average monthly revenue, average monthly management income, total properties under management and a rent roll valuation.

But with great power comes great responsibility. By making use of the new Permissions feature, you’re able to assign your users with various levels of access—so they can only see what’s necessary for their role.


All on the Timeline

Improving oversight was also the name of the game when our developers set their sights on creating the new Tenant Timeline.

It displays everything you need to get a complete picture of each of your tenancies, and also allows you to filter for various events, such as arrears, communications, inspections and maintenance. You’re also only ever one click away from exporting your timelines, so you can easily send them to tenants and tribunals.


Hungry for more?

If we’ve just whet your appetite for what Console Cloud can offer your agency, then why not book a demo.

Want to know more about what Console Cloud has to offer first? Then check out the Summer Release Webinar for a detailed look at everything you’ve read about here, and a taste of what’s to come next quarter.

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