Console Nebula: be brave. Be ready. Be There.

Welcome to Nebula 2019


Welcome to Nebula

Welcome to Nebula: Console’s first customer-exclusive summit held at the Brisbane Powerhouse in Brisbane, and live-streamed across Australia and New Zealand. 

It’s an industry first, and an event so apparently novel that a number of attendees were still grappling with the concept of it. Nebula: it was an event held just for the benefit, enjoyment, and entertainment of Console’s customers. It was simply about giving back and connecting with the people who have stood by us.


Be brave. Be ready. Be free.

The Nebula tag line gives a clue as to the spirit of its keynote presenters and panel sessions. But it isn’t all about serious deliberations over the future of Property Management.

Every empty moment has been injected with fun. There are delegate bags stocked with Mars bars (get it? Nebula, Mars? … Never mind.) and lip balms and Mentos. There are sparkly pants, golden tickets, prizes, and giveaways. There’s even a slightly goofy (but fun) in-flight safety demonstration performed by Console’s stage crew (complete with coordinated hand movements and props).

But if you (gasp!) missed Nebula, or (aww!) you want to relive it, then strap in.


Let’s take you there.

Right now, we’re in the nearly-full Visy Theatre at the Brisbane Powerhouse, which is dark, save for the stage, painted in blue and orange light. The energy in the room is warm, vibrant, and engaged.

Console's leadership team and Emma Herbert open questions to the audience. Console’s leadership team (from left: Matt McGown, Charlie Holland, Fiona Davis, and Jason Turnbull) with Emma Herbert as they open questions to the audience.

On stage is Console’s CEO, Charlie Holland, and his executive leadership team, assembled for a candid Q + A session with Console customers attending in person and watching the live-stream.

With them is the sparkly and inimitable emcee, Emma Herbert, throwing questions from the live stream to the panel, and sass and moxie at Charlie.

One customer takes the microphone and says, ‘We’ve been a Console Client 25 years now.’ The room applauds and whoops. ‘And we’re about to move our 1000 property portfolio to Console Cloud. We’d like to know: what has been the biggest issue with people switching over to Console Cloud?’

CEO Charlie Holland takes the question. ‘As the person at the top of the pyramid, this one should come from me.’

He takes a breath. ‘So we went to market too early with our cloud product. There’s a certain requirement in technology, and in any property management software in any market, that the product has to be so far advanced [before it goes to market]. This has a high cost to develop, and it has to deliver suitable outcomes for clients […] before you go to market with it.’


Today, Console Cloud has more than caught up.

Releasing too early has haunted us, but it shouldn’t any longer. That’s because Console Cloud has officially caught up. It’s significantly more advanced, and it is delivering outstanding results. 

Psst! Want to read more about what others are saying about Console Cloud? Here’s what PJ Salami of Harcourts Astute Paddington and Stephen Asker of Professionals Lifestyle Realty think.

Charlie continues. ‘We’ve had very few customers who’ve churned off our Console Cloud product. But actually, very, very few. Most have stuck with us for the journey. And that journey is getting easier and better [for them]… literally every day.’


It was just one of a series of powerful moments that shaped the day.

Also bringing electric energy to the stage was author, lawyer, and leadership guru Midja Fisher, who challenged the audience to back themselves and stand unshakable. Her extraordinary (and extraordinarily brief!) Zing Pow Wow five minute presentation proves what can be done with 20 slides, a countdown timer, and total mastery of public speaking. 

Author, lawyer, leadership professional, and keynote speaker Midja Fisher takes the stage.


More ways to make money in property management.

Then there was Jason Turnbull’s poignant advice on where to find those sources of revenue in Property Management. He points out that only 20% of agencies have figured out the secret, and explains how to stop being part of the 80%.

Jason Turnbull explores the wonderful world of adjacent revenue streams in his 5 minute Zing Pow Wow presentation.


Know the value of your rent roll with these four numbers.

And there was rent roll broker and social media influencer Dean Yeo of Real Estate Dynamics, who explained how to quickly and accurately calculate the value of your rent roll using four simple numbers.


You can and should be a power property manager.

There was human dynamo Sherrie Storor, who showed us what a power property manager could look like, and why more of us can (and should) be one.

Emma Herbert and media powerhouse Sherrie Storor wrap up the second keynote session for the day.


Be ready.

And we were proud also to have Macquarie’s Domonic Thompson, and Debbie Palmer of PPM Group sharing their philosophies of asset management, disruption, and the future of property management (in separate presentations, but they were clearly on the same page!)

Debbie Palmer takes the stage for a thought-provoking Zing Pow Wow session. Zing Pow Wow presentations are run on a 5 minute timer, with slides transitioning automatically every 15 seconds.


But we know: it’s not all about real estate and property management.

Here to remind us of that, and how to be strong enough to take a seat at the table was Sonia McDonald, author, keynote speaker, and leadership professional. Sonia’s courage, compassion, and honesty sent chills down spines. Her message was powerful, and her call to action was simple: be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Leadership is modeled with compassion, courage, kindness, and vulnerability.  

She is mobbed by attendees and volunteers, giving her hugs and words of gratitude, as the first-ever Nebula summit closes. Guests begin filing out to the Brisbane riverside for a debrief and a glass of pinot.

Crowd favourite Sonia McDonald finishes Nebula on an incredible high note.


Sunset by the river

In the river studio there are canapes, and behind the scenes interviews with guests. There’s a board with polaroid photos of attendees taken on the day, as little mementos to take home.

The mood is relaxed and bubbly, and as attendees and Console staff chat and network, the sun finally sets on Monday 28 October, 2019.

We hope the day was as memorable for our guests as it was for us! We went retro with one-off polaroids for our guests to take home.


We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to all our amazing presenters and speakers, to the amazing Emma Herbert for bringing her energy and sparkly pants to the event, to our Console cabin crew for their tireless work, and of course: thanks to our amazing customers who attended and streamed the event. Thank you for supporting us. We can’t wait to keep supporting you. 

If you’re wondering whether there’ll be another event like this one, then we have some good news! We’re already planning how to make Nebula an even bigger and better event next year. And we can’t wait for you to join us again soon!


Be brave. Be ready. Be free.

Want to relive Nebula, or get a taste of what you missed? You can watch the full live stream here.


Wondering what to read next? Read up on the latest highlights from the 2019 Spring Release Webinar, get a refresher on Dean’s four numbers with ‘What is your rent roll worth?’. Or, learn more about our migration process with these five qualities of effective migrations.





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