Trust receipting: how much time spent is too much?

Receipting trust money—particularly rent payments—is a bit like doing the dishes. It takes time and it’s not much fun, but it simply has to get done eventually. But how much time, exactly, does your business spend on trust receipting each day? Fifteen minutes? Thirty? Over than an hour?

With Console Gateway, you can automate a huge chunk of your receipting processes securely and accurately. In fact, it shouldn’t taken you any more than five minutes.

Got your attention?


Bulk receipting with Banklink

Banklink is a feature in Console Gateway that bulk receipts tenants' payments.

It does this by allowing you to assign each of your tenants with a unique reference that they can then use as the transaction reference on all of their payments. When tenants transfer rent directly into your trust account using this reference, Banklink automatically receipts it on your behalf. No more manual matching of payments for you!

It’s important to note that tenants must enter their unique reference number correctly. Payments made using an incorrect reference number will still need to be receipted manually.

Nonetheless, for the majority of tenants, Banklink can drastically cut down your time spent receipting.

But with Console Pay, there’s an even easier way to get ahead.


One-Click Bulk Receipting with Console Pay

Console Pay is an industry-first feature for Gateway that can revolutionise your workday with one-click bulk receipting. It is by far the smartest, simplest and fastest way to bulk receipt your trust account money.

Once Console Pay has been activated, all your trust account transactions will automatically pop up in your Console Gateway window at the end of each day. From there, you’re one button press away from powering through the receipting process in minutes—with no unique reference numbers required.

Best of all, if you already have Console Gateway, it’s ready for you to activate now.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today, and make manual trust receipting a thing of the past.