Why being a guinea pig has serious perks – Console Lab

Tell us what you really think about our property management software… no really. We want your feedback.

It’s time to make yourself heard.

Communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship. In fact, since everything we do is designed to make your life easier, your voice and opinions are crucial to success. 

Console Lab is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the Console Cloud design process, and you can help shape the future of the product by sharing your valuable insights, even if you're not a Console client. Why? We're not just building the most commonly requested features from our current customers—we're bringing together your industry knowledge and our vision to transform how property managers work.

We are predominantly a company of software nerds (because we make software and all). About 30% of our staff also have a background in property management. And while that’s a pretty high ratio for any property management software company, it does still leave a gap.

That gap is your expertise. We want to listen to you, and learn what you want our software to do. We want to make our real estate software as good as it can possibly be.

What's in the box?

By participating, you’ll be eligible to earn e-gift cards as an incentive. We’re not talking the sort you get in a last-minute Secret Santa either. No way. 

Quality feedback is worth its weight in gold, and so are our rewards. We offer gift card incentives and other rewards, depending on the length of the study. Don't forget, you can always manage your level of participation, so you're never in over your head.

Scratch forums: go straight to the point of truth

You’ll also get exclusive, pre-release access to new features, and the opportunity to tell us directly what you love and what you love… slightly less.

Permissions, change logs, and user portfolios are all features that began life as Console Lab feedback and comments. 

And, if you’ve been pining for a particular addition, Console Lab is your chance to let us know about it. The rent roll estimator, better arrears management, change logs, and user portfolios are all features that began life as Console Lab feedback and comments.

Time is money, friend

And don’t we know it. Why else do you think we love workflows so much?

Depending on what studies you’d like to get involved in, you can commit as much or as little time to the Lab as you want.

Only got five minutes on a Friday? Shoot through a short survey. Up for something a little meatier mid-week? Hop online for a one-on-one interview or test session with our very own Console researchers.

So join us in the lab

Or... don’t. One of the best things about Console Lab is that you can participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, on a computer or mobile device. Lab coats are also optional, but they are encouraged.

And if you really do want to come meet the developers who build our software, you’re always welcome to visit our office in sunny Brisbane.

What do I do now?

Sign up. It’s simple. Just click on the big button below, fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch. You don’t even need to be a Console customer. As long as you currently work in property management, we want to hear from you.

So go ahead: it’s time for you to be heard.