Clean desk, clear mind: how your agency can go paperless

Clean desk, clear mind: how to go paperless

Clean desk, clear mind You’ve heard this advice before: go paperless. You have probably also heard the reasons why. To go paperless means instant cost savings, conservation of space, and less time spent looking for files. It’s a win for data security too, with the right protections in place. Digital files are harder to steal,…

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How to be the best manager for your agency


Written by James Stone If you’re a manager growing your independent agency, you may not be ready to hire a full-time HR professional. That puts you in the same boat as about 97.4% of other Australian businesses. So what is the secret to being the best manager you can be, without the support of an HR…

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Change property owner details without duplicating entries


It’s common enough for a rental property in your portfolio to be sold to a new owner, and of course it’s great news when they decide to keep managing it through your business. Hooray—you’re not losing money. The difficulty with a change in ownership, of course, arrives at the moment you record that change. Here…

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5 Productivity hacks to live by this financial year


New financial year, new you. If you’re a property manager looking for ways to boost your productivity and bottom line this financial year, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin with a hard truth: Just say no is unhelpful advice. Chances are, you’ve already heard of its managerial equivalent, also known as ‘Just don’t check your emails,’ or ‘Just don’t…

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Trust receipting: how much time spent is too much?

Trust receipting

Receipting trust money–particularly tenant’s rent payments–is one of those regular but unavoidable tasks that simply must be done. But how much time does your business spend on trust receipting each day? Do you spend fifteen minutes? Thirty minutes? More than an hour? If you are spending more than five minutes on trust receipting, then we…

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Helpful tips for calculating monthly rent

Calculating rent

When a tenancy agreement is signed, in some states there is an option for rent to be payable monthly, but what exactly IS a calendar month, and how should rent be calculated?   A calendar month is equal to the number of days from a specific date of one month, to the same date of…

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Tips to building your brand presence online (without breaking the bank)

Building a brand

There’s no argument that technology is changing the way we manage properties, we’ve dedicated a whole blog article to that topic alone. What technology also allows us to do, is build an online presence that ensures the people that we want to do business with are the ones that we’re targeting, and bringing through the door. After…

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Customer Satisfaction versus Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty are NOT the same thing. Most successful businesses will tell you that the key to their growth is healthy client relationships because that’s what sets them apart from their competitors. Ask the same companies what they’re doing to track their customer loyalty, experience, or satisfaction, and they might give you…

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4 Benefits of automation in business.

Business Automation

A lot of businesses talk about automation, and how it makes them more efficient, ‘do more with less’, and (yes, we’re guilty of it, too); ‘grow your business, not your headcount’. From a users perspective, these statements can sound scary. They might leave you wondering whether, if your boss buys new software that helps to…

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