Product Updates

Lock down your sensitive info, and then take a look at this.


‘Access all areas’ passes are exclusive for a reason. Locking down who sees your agency’s sensitive information is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do to protect your business. It seems obvious to talk about the advantages of restricting user permissions in Console Cloud. For one thing, partitioning off sensitive information…

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The Rental Arrears Workflow in Console Cloud

Rental Arrears Workflow

The property management revolution is here. That’s because the Rental Arrears Workflow has just been launched in Console Cloud. So let’s explain what the Rental Arrears Workflow does, and how it is going to deliver radical productivity gains for property managers.  You have probably heard of or used the term workflow before. At Console, we…

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The Lease Renewals Workflow in Console Cloud

Lease Renewal Workflow

The property management revolution is here. Workflows have just been launched in Console Cloud. In this article, we explain what the new lease renewals workflow does, and how it’s going to revolutionise property management. Let’s start by explaining what a workflow is, in the sense that we talk about them in Console Cloud. We’re guessing…

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Change logs for clear accountability

Console Cloud - Change logs for clear accountability

Accountability matters. That’s why we built the Change Log in Console Cloud. Historically, agency principals had a bit of a time of it trying to identify who made changes to files in their property management system. They had no precise, easy way of knowing if sensitive information had been compromised, or if someone had committed…

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Spring Release Webinar registrations now open

Spring Release Webinar registrations now open

We’ve launched more than 323 improvements and new features in the last 12 months. The pace of development for Console Cloud and our new apps has increased exponentially. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve made more than 323 improvements to Console Cloud. And as the speed with which we continue to release new features…

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Console Pay now available in Cloud

Console Pay Available in Console Cloud

Do you find rent arrears a pain in the… neck? Console Pay (powered by Ezidebit) continues to be our most popular rental collections solution. The agencies who love it have used it to successfully reduce rent arrears, bank fees and receipting times. We think that’s the best. Console Pay enables rent from tenants to be…

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Manage Commercial Property in Console Cloud

manage commercial property in Console Cloud

Got commercial property? A substantial number of real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand manage a mix of both commercial and residential properties. But differences in how commercial properties are managed—such as GST, invoicing, CPI increases and reporting—make it difficult to manage in a system built for residential portfolios. That makes us sad. Property…

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New feature to Console Cloud: On-Demand Fees

New Feature to Console Cloud: Create Customisable Fees

On-demand fees for an on-demand future In 2018, we live in an on-demand economy. As consumer behaviour changes, so must the way businesses deliver their services.   More than ever, we are seeing agencies moving away from a flat percentage charge for property management services to a dynamic fee structure.  But to do that effectively,…

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BPAY now available in Console Cloud

BPAY Console Cloud Property Management Software

BPAY is about managing all your bills in one place with a single click. It’s the system that gives Australians and New Zealanders confidence in the security of online banking. Pair that functionality with the flexibility and ease of Console Cloud? That’s a powerful new way to save time and cognitive load for property managers.…

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How to change property owner details without duplicating entries

Change Owner Property Details Console Cloud

It’s common enough for a rental property in your portfolio to be sold to a new owner, and of course it’s great news when they decide to keep managing it through your business. Hooray—you’re not losing money. The difficulty with a change in ownership, of course, arrives at the moment you record that change. Here…

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