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Let’s talk about Viatek ScanAssist

Console Gateway and Viatek ScanAssist partnership

What is Viatek ScanAssist? Viatek ScanAssist is an add-on exclusive to our feature-rich trust accounting software, Gateway. It uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to capture invoice details from scanned images, and feeds them into the right fields of your invoice payments window. It also files a PDF copy of the scanned invoice against the…

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What is OCR, and how does Viatek ScanAssist work?

What is OCR, and how does ScanAssist work

What is OCR (optical character recognition) Optical character recognition (or OCR) is the term used for software that picks up printed and handwritten characters in a scanned image, and translates them into digital text. It lets computers ‘read’ documents, so that humans don’t need to manually type it all in.  Once a physical document has…

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Time regained with Console Cloud: Harcourts Astute Paddington case study


Business built to scale Harcourts Astute in Paddington, Queensland, grew their rent roll from just 18 properties to more than 300 in 2019. But to sustain that growth, Principal PJ Salami knew he would need to change how properties were managed, to become more efficient. Gateway is designed for maximum utility. Console Cloud, on the…

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What the law says about EOFY, EOM, and disbursements

Real Estate Laws

There is no shortage of advice about when property managers must legally do EOFY, end of month or EOM, and when to disburse to owners or landlords. But what is often missing in action is evidence that supports this advice. And that creates uncertainty and misinformation. How agencies must legally conduct EOFY, EOM or when…

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Real estate website trends we’re seeing in 2019

real estate website trends 2019

Probably the single most important marketing channel for real estate businesses is your website. Besides driving leads, your website does a lot of other heavy lifting for your business too. It builds trust and credibility; it houses your listings and services; it drives lead generation; it lets your prospects contact you. In short, your website…

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The ultimate EOFY checklist for property managers

The ultimate eofy checklist for property managers

Preparing for end of financial year (EOFY) EOFY is a word with the particular power to strike fear in the hearts of property managers. But it doesn’t have to! With a bit of preparation and the right mindset, even a first-timer can close out the financial year with confidence and ease. And no matter which…

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How to ace LinkedIn if you work in real estate

Linkedin Real Esate Professionals

LinkedIn for real estate professionals is primarily about generating online conversations and connections that convert to new business. Like most agents and property managers, you’re probably on LinkedIn. But you may find it’s not a huge driver of leads for you. Not directly, anyway. It’s nonetheless a critical part of your customer’s journey. Whether your…

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Console Cloud mid-season product update

Console Cloud Mid-season

Console hosts a seasonal Console Cloud release webinar to launch and celebrate the biggest new updates to the platform. And although the Autumn Release Webinar is done and dusted (watch it here if you missed it), we’re bursting at the seams with new features—many of which we previewed in the 2019 Autumn Release Webinar. We’re…

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Here’s what growth looks like: 12 months inside Console HQ

12 months inside console hq

It’s been twelve months since I was appointed CEO of Console. It’s been a hectic year of change and significant improvements. I love being involved with companies that embrace change, and are not set in their ways. And because of the commitment and attitude of our team, we’ve made some huge strides towards our goals.…

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More ways to use video in real estate and property management

video marketing ideas for real estate

Why video? As much as we love words, the stats say that four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video than read about a product. But besides being an effective way to deliver more of what your audience wants, videos enjoy a number of algorithm privileges. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter…

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