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Welcome to Nebula 2019

Console Nebula: be brave. Be ready. Be There.

Welcome to Nebula Welcome to Nebula: Console’s first customer-exclusive summit held at the Brisbane Powerhouse in Brisbane, and live-streamed across Australia and New Zealand.  It’s an industry first, and an event so apparently novel that a number of attendees were still grappling with the concept of it. Nebula: it was an event held just for…

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Highlights from the spring release webinar

Cloud Webinar

It might be the tail end of the year, but there was no lack of fresh features in Console Cloud this spring… Let’s take a quick look at what we showed off. As always, if you’d like to skip straight to the recording we won’t hold it against you.   Less reading, more watching. Show…

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5 lessons for property management from 2019 (hint: CX is a big theme)

CX Property Management 2019

Welcome to the year of customer experience, or CX. This year has proved to be an interesting one for anyone working (living, and breathing) real estate and property management. It was the year that saw the fall-and-fall of house prices and interest rates, followed by something of an unexpected recovery and renewed growth. We saw…

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What are workflows in property management software?

workflows in console cloud property management software: a conceptual snapshot

What is a workflow exactly? Workflows are simply a smarter way of managing property management processes in real estate software. That’s why workflows tend to be named after work processes that most property managers already do. Take for example some of Console Cloud’s workflows: there’s one each for maintenance, tenant on-boarding, lease renewals, vacates, inspections,…

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What is your rent roll worth? Interview with Dean Yeo: part 1

Rent Roll Worth

What is your rent roll worth? Interview with Dean Yeo, part 1 What are the right questions to ask when purchasing a rent roll? How can you prepare to sell one? What is your rent roll worth? If you’ve ever pondered the big questions of property management, well we know someone who can answer them. …

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6 ways to deliver better CX in property management

CX economy feature image 6 layers of water for 6 CX goals

We now live in a customer experience (CX) economy. Earlier this year, we interviewed Macquarie’s Domonic Thompson to get his predictions on the future of the property management industry. In particular, he predicted the move towards a relationship-based economy. This is where landlords would pick and choose their property management agency based on their customer…

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Calculating rent arrears: two methods, two different results

calculating rent arrears

Until recently in Console Cloud, rent arrears could only be calculated on a per day basis. This means when a tenant is one day in arrears, the amount they owe will be calculated as one day’s rent.  This method suited most Australian agencies just fine… unless they lived in Western Australia or Victoria. Rent arrears…

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How to get the most out of Plezzel if you’re a WebChoice customer

Webchoice customers

Real estate marketing isn’t everybody’s schtick. But every real estate business, if they intend to survive, needs a marketing engine to drive new leads, property managements, and sales.  But where to begin? Such a significant barrier to entry for many businesses is the amount of set-up costs, and the lack of integration of new tech…

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Highlights from the winter release webinar

Cloud Webinar

The Console Cloud Winter Release Webinar was our biggest yet, in more ways than one. With more than 700 live viewers, flash new production equipment, and (most importantly) an absolutely feature-packed release, this was not a webinar to miss. But if you find yourself needing a recap on what’s new to Console Cloud this season,…

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