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4 Benefits of automation in business.


A lot of businesses talk about automation, and how it makes them more efficient, ‘do more with less’, and (yes, we’re guilty of it, too); ‘grow your business, not your headcount’. From a users perspective, these statements can sound scary. They might leave you wondering whether, if your boss buys new software that helps to automate administrative tasks, will your job becomes redundant…?

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Technology today is providing businesses the opportunity to streamline their administration processes, which means employees in these roles can focus on their core responsibilities and adding real value to the business. It’s important to remember that just because some of the tasks employees were hired to do can now be done using technology, that this doesn’t mean there’s no other room to add value in other tasks. It’s an opportunity to show your boss what you’re really made of!

To be a little more specific about what we mean, here are 5 benefits of automation:

#1. Operational efficiency

‘Efficiency’ is defined as the extent to which input or efforts, is used for the intended task, which is the output. Simply, it’s the ability to successfully do things well, without waste. Sitting behind your computer processing invoices manually is a great example of this – why process manually when you can automate this process by using a bulk-receipting function? Reducing time it takes to complete repetitive tasks (that don’t require too much brain power when you’ve done them THAT many times!), means you are more efficient in your daily tasks, and aren’t wasting time that could be spent utilising your valuable skills.

#2. Accuracy

The problem with manual data entry isn’t just the time it takes to complete, but the increase in risk of human error. If you are manually entering information into a system, or multiple systems, the chances of error are increasing exponentially. When a task becomes mundane and repetitive, detail can be missed or overlooked, which can cost the business if the overlooked detail relates to policy or compliance. Using templated forms, for example, is a form of automation that reduces time spent drawing up letters or compliance docs, but also reduces risk in human error doing do.

#3. Productivity

Doing more with less. Everyone wants to! Business owners are always looking a productivity within their organisation to determine whether their employees are making the most of their time spent in the office. Productivity goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. Decluttering your desk, getting more sleep, or having a plan for your business meetings to make sure your making the most of your time, will make you more productive, giving you time to focus of high-value activities. While you can’t automate sleep, you can put technology in place that reduces paper-based processes, which you might find decreases the amount of paper on your desk.. Leading to a clear workspace and a clear mind.

#4. Satisfaction

Does worrying about remaining compliant make you happy? Does it really make you tick, and help you get out of bed in the morning? We didn’t think so. The good news is that with certain technologies, you don’t have to worry about compliance, giving you back time to do the thing that really make you happy. We think it’s safe to say that Property Manager’s didn’t become Property Managers so they could sit behind a desk and worry about policy, legislation and compliance of rental properties – so put some systems in place to take that off your plate, and be the people person we think you probably are!

Find your passion again

There will always be phone calls to take, meetings scheduled (and rescheduled), and fires that need to be put out – but if you use technology to take some of the pressure off, you can focus on getting to the heart of what really makes you want to get up in the morning and head off to work. You probably realise how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day processes required to keep a business running, but more often than not, you won’t realise the tasks that seem small and insignificant can actually take more of your time than you realise.

So while tech might be ‘taking away’ some of the jobs you currently hold, it’s also making room for the ones that you are passionate about, and are the reason you started doing what you’re doing in the first place.

Read more about how Console Cloud automates processes in Property Management so you can make the most of your day.




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