As Console’s Chief Product Officer, I’ve been trying to get out on the road to meet as many of our clients, partners and suppliers as I can.


I want to understand the challenges and pain points that we face every day in our industry.  Our goal to enhance the relationships that our property managers have, means solving the things that detract from those, and those that make our day-to-day interactions a bit more gravelly than they really need to be.


ARPM2017 was a great opportunity for me personally to meet with our clients, the industry and to learn.  The team at TRET did an amazing job to bring together principals, property managers, industry suppliers and thought leaders under the one roof for a high-energy, highly informative two-day conference.  This years theme was “RECONSTRUCT” and gosh, how relevant is that to Console at this stage in our company lifetime and journey.


Like so many of our clients and partners we are reconstructing our business – some of those signs are visible, like our brand and our ownership structures, and some of those are less visible, like the way we organise or work to reconstruct our software; which in turn will help you reconstruct your own business to stay relevant and valuable in the changing market that we operate in today.


At ARPM we heard from a number of agencies like Marsh & Parsons in the UK, Natalie Wendell from NZ and even O’Brien Real Estate and Elite Agent’s Transform PM Winner, Harcourts Adelaide Hills who have been able to celebrate success through reconstruction and change in their own businesses.  Whether they’ve seen expansion opportunities in suburbs that are heavily invested in reconstruction and gentrification or being mindful of the way that they work with their  landlords, tenants and suppliers and reconstructing their business process to maximise the value of the things that they do best.  What they all shared was a deep-seeded belief that the service that they offered needed to be high quality, personal, consistent, attentive and actually deliver on the promises that they made.


Andy Lark, an expert marketer who has worked with brands from banks, to the All Blacks to Xero, made a confronting point at a real estate conference.  He was sharing his own experience in dealing with real estate agencies during his “How to make Love” presentation – “Why do I even need to deal with a real estate agent in this day and age?” he pondered.  Andy went on to talk about an amazing range of ways that technology can help us reconstruct our customer engagement and I couldn’t take notes fast enough as new product ideas popped into my head, BUT, that one simple question stayed with me.


If Andy asks that question – then who else does?  How do we stay relevant?  As the property management industry overall, we need to reconstruct, we need to think about changing the way that we do things, so that what we do can stay relevant.  We need to look at how we can add value to the lives and experiences of our landlords, tenants, suppliers and industry partners that we interact with every day.  How we can help you answer that challenge is one of the biggest questions that we are solving at Console – it’s always top of mind.  How can Console provide you with the tools and the flexibility needed to assist you in reconstructing your business processes, allowing you to engage with the market the way that they expect in this day and age.


I spent time in the exhibitors hall talking with our clients and industry partners while I was thinking about this.  I enjoyed many conversations about some of the challenges that our clients face, and what’s needed to ensure that they, our clients, can deliver their service the way that they expect to.  We received great feedback from those clients who had the opportunity to have a brief look at our Console Cloud product, and the level of excitement in those engagements is reassuring that our focus on building great product is producing the right results.


If there’s one thing to take away from ARPM2017, it would be as principals or property managers, take the time to step away from your desk, grab a tea or coffee and think about this: what is the one thing that you could reconstruct in your business that would make a positive difference to those that you deal with to help create a more positive brand experience?


And then from that – what is the one thing that you would love to change, but just can’t at the moment because your software won’t let you? Get on with making a plan to change the first one, and send myself and my product team an email with the second one.  Thanks for helping us reconstruct ourselves so that we can help you stay relevant and valuable in this changing market.