Did we miss you at ARPM 2017?


Like approximately 700 other property management professionals, I am heading home SHATTERED after an amazing 2 days at ARPM 2017. Organised by the fantastic team at Tret, ARPM is becoming one of the leading professional development events for Property Managers on the Australia/NZ calendar. Console Australia was proud to participate again this year, with an Exhibitor’s booth and a strong team attending including our CEO, Tim Molloy, our Chief Revenue Officer, Ashlee Christoffersen , and Chief Product Officer Jason Turnbull. It was also my first ever ARPM as Console Chief Marketing Officer. We met heaps of amazing people, gave away some free stuff, and were very excited to demo our new Console Cloud platform .

Our ARPM theme was “what would you do, with an extra hour in your day?” We offered 3 minute Massage Angels and there was a fair bit of meditation on the dream ‘extra hour’ topic while these lucky Property Managers enjoyed their massages throughout the day!  The ‘extra hour’ theme reflects the core of our mission here at Console – to enhance the relationships Property Managers have with their Tenants, Property Owners and suppliers. Saving you time is the first step and we talked to both existing and potential customers about how we can help you do that over the entire 2-day event. (If you’d like to know more on how you can get an extra hour back in your day, reach out to us here).

You might notice from our photos that our booth looked a bit different all decked out in the new Console branding. Our friendly sales team also adopted some new branding, looking very fetching in their scarves, tie pins and kerchiefs. We got a lot of positive feedback on our new look – which was awesome. I think it was clear that a new and refreshed Console is definitely here! For a marketing tragic like me it was pretty cool to see how much of the ARPM conference was about growing your business and how marketing can do that. A number of the amazing Event Speakers at ARPM spoke about branding and designing your property business around your customer.

There was the bubbly Natalie Wendell from Auckland, who explained how they transformed their rent roll, developed a unique brand in her local market, and created a workspace her team would LOVE to work in every day. I just wanted her to adopt me! Andy Lark also spoke on “Love your Customer” and talked about how technology was helping businesses do this even better. Josh Cobbs from Stepps also showed us some really easy to do social media work can grow enquiry and new Landlord leads through simple and targeted Frequently Asked Questions and Video Content. Answering just one question a week that tenants or Landlords want to know the answer for could get you FREE LEADS to grow your rent roll. Fantastic!

I also loved the work by Realestate.com.au on profiling their different Landlord types. If you can easily understand what ‘type’ of Landlord you have in front of you, you are able to communicate with them more effectively- based on what is important to them, not you! This is a way better approach to ensure a strong connection with your Landlord and ensure you are meeting them on their terms and hitting all the right buttons.

So for all of you who might not have been able to attend ARPM this year, here’s the quick tips from me:

  • Don’t be afraid to create a brand, look, or personality that stands out in your local market and reflects the personality of your team and business. Think cars, office, signage and your website!
  • Don’t be afraid to use technology to improve customer experience – whether it is improving automation in the back office so you can spend more time meeting real people, or developing new tools or updating old ones such as voicemail options, SMS messaging or appointment setting processes to make the lives of your Tenants or Owners better.
  • Think about the most common questions you get from your customers and tell EVERYONE the answer – in your newsletter, on your social media or on your FAQ or blog on your website. This makes you show up in Google over time – for free!
  • Think about your Owners and their different styles and values – figure out who wants detail or control and who doesn’t, and communicate differently with them.

If you have any more great ideas for PMs or BDMs, any comments or feedback, or even just a question about how to market your business better, please feel free to reach out via email to us here at: [email protected]

PS – We are now getting excited for the next major event for Property Managers – PMC 2017 run by the amazing Apmasphere team on the Gold Coast. Check it out here book your tickets or talk to the boss asap. Hope to see some of you there!