The annual ARPM conference in Sydney is a big milestone on the calendar of a property manager in Australia.

For many attendees, ARPM is a once a year opportunity to stand back, socialise with other property managers and learn about trends and ideas affecting the industry. Console is a big supporter of property managers. Every day thousands of property managers log onto Console to help owners, suppliers, and tenants enjoy their properties. Every day property managers go about their tasks, deeply engaging with our software to support their amazing work. And we love being part of that.

We also spend a lot of our time thinking about how the role of a property manager is evolving. We think and listen carefully to all sorts of trends and influences that are impacting the evolution of the property management operation in an agency.

We have found that some of these trends are market driven, some are technology driven and some are generational changes. Many of these changes are subtle and evolve over time, and ARPM was a showcase for many of these developments. There were conversations about the impact of ‘digital natives’ and millennials. We heard examples of how to rise above the day to day tasks and think about how each of us are approaching our jobs. We heard about the subtle differences in property management in the UK and the increasing need to have technology be more mobile.

Understanding the future of property management is critical for us at Console as we continue to invest in our next generation cloud platform. We are constantly looking 3 to 5 years ahead to make sure our next generation of products will enable our clients to continue to be competitive in this changing world. While we focus on the big picture trends we also think hard about how our platform will help property managers gain an extra hour every day.

Our cloud platform will be the basis of supporting property managers into the future. At the Console stand we were able to showcase our cloud platform and many ARPM delegates had the opportunity to play with the latest release. The Console sales team spent a lot of time engaging with existing and future clients, wandering the floor with tablets showing the Console Cloud product and getting valuable feedback.

But one thing that is not changing is the way property managers take the hassle of managing a property away from an owner. The relationship between property managers and their clients – owners, tenants and suppliers – is at the core of every action property manager take every single day. At Console, we love being right there with our customers, making their day an enjoyable experience.

I hope to see you at PMC.