Manage property sales in Console Cloud—more easily, and at a fraction of the cost of a CRM

The Console Sales add-on allows you to streamline your sales process and manage your entire agency in Console Cloud.

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There’s an easier (and cheaper) way to manage real estate sales

Console Sales is a real estate sales-specific trust accounting and management add-on for Console Cloud that handles transactions like vendor paid advertising and automated fee calculation, as well as contract management, history and progress tracking for sales transactions.

It's part of the Console Cloud suite, so you don't have to worry about double handling or data loss. 

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Streamlined processes to free up more time for selling

An upgrade from Console Cloud’s old sales trust accounting functionality, the new Console Sales feature is significantly more user friendly. It allows you to see all of the important information on the sales life cycle on one screen and easily access detailed and accurate Accounts of Sale.


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Only pay for features you’ll actually use

Based on real-life feedback from agents, the core functionality of Console Sales includes the most-used features from more complex and expensive sales CRMs—without the extra noise of features you’ll never touch.

Console Sales takes care of the fiddly details


Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) management. Create VPA expenses, track balances + current spend


New detailed Account of Sale and invoice report showing VPA breakdown


Updated look and feel: upload and see property images and advanced attributes at a glance


Capture and store solicitor details for buyers and sellers


Ability to terminate a contract with the ability to journal a buyer's penalty to the seller


See a history of contracts against a sale, including terminated contracts


Details settlement + pre-settlement calculations showing the breakdown of who owes what


Split deposits between initial and balance


Advanced sorting and filtering to help you prioritise and save you time

How to get started using Console Sales

The Console Sales add-on is available for a  flat fee of only $150 per month—less than a third of the average cost of real estate sales-specific CRMs. Simply head to the Console Marketplace tab in Console Cloud to activate your subscription.

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