Thursday, 28th July, 11am AEST

Did you know that 60% of REB’s Top 100 Sales Agents use Console’s partner Agentbox for best-in-class sales insights, to facilitate clarity between sales + property management and to make sure clients (including your landlords) are served better?

During this Q&A webinar, we’ll answer your questions on how an allied solution will help your agency win. 


Your Speakers

Matt McGown
Chief Operations Officer

David Bliss
Head of Sales

During this session we’ll explore:

  • Using our technology to help Property Management + Sales work together better than ever.
  • How two best-in-class property CRMs will see your business outperforming competitors. 
  • The Agentbox stratagems to help your agency win more inventory and grow.
  • The system to advocate for an allied Console + Agentbox solution in your business, and the benefit that can have to accelerate a property management specialist’s career.
  • How the Agentbox + Console system can work together, and a sneak peak into plans for the future.
  • Hear about how Reapit – Console + Agentbox’s parent company – will change the ANZ property technology.
Discover the Play-By-Play Methodology Agencies are Using to Skyrocket their Growth & Delight their Landlords Simply by Maximising Value with an Allied Console + 'Agentbox Sales CRM' Solution

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A rival agency could be selling your landlord’s property RIGHT NOW. Agentbox Sales CRM increases transparency between sales + property management, helps serve landlords and unlocks unique sales insights.

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