WebChoice: Global Configuration Page

We have combined Global Configuration into a single accessible page. This allows you to manage and view you active social media accounts and their associated links.

To access your social media links, please select ‘Website’ from the main menu and then select the ‘Configuration’ within the sub menu.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Configuration’ from the tabs at the top of the ‘Web Pages’ menu or the ‘Web Page List’;

Configuration Menu

The following fields will display under ‘Configuration’. This is where your social media links and other integrations such as Google Translate, Google Analytics, AddThis, Inspect Real Estate and 1Form can be viewed/edited and enabled.

You can also manage your Home page title, Meta keywords and Meta description for your website.


How do I add my social media accounts?

To add or update, simply type or paste the weblink / URL for your social media into the aligned field on the new configuration page and select update.

By selecting the ‘Open link in new window’ tick boxes, you will allow each social media link to be opened in a new window.

Do you have an Inspect Real Estate account or a 1Form account?

You can activate buttons for ‘Inspect Real Estate’ and ‘1form’ from this section. Just enter the relevant ID into the fields provided.

(You will need to ensure that you have signed up with the external provider them for these buttons to respond)


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