LiveAgent has been upgraded to version 4.0 and is compatible with Console GatewayLive 7.29 or later. Download the User Guide, FAQs and Pro Tips located below or watch our short training videos on how to use the latest release of our inspection app for property managers.

User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The latest version of the LiveAgent User Guide is available for download here.

Please ensure you read this thoroughly as there are minimum requirements that must be met and initial configuration carried out in GatewayLive before you can use the new app.

Do you have a question or are faced with a problem that is not covered in the user guide? Have a look at our LiveAgent v4 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for solutions to common questions and scenarios.

Training Videos:

1. LiveAgent v4 Installation & Requirements Video

2. How to enable LiveAgent v4 in GatewayLive

3. Getting started and logging into LiveAgent v4

4. Navigating LiveAgent v4

5. The Map, Property Screen and Room List

6. Unlocking Inspections in GatewayLive

7. Creating Inspections in GatewayLive

8. Performing Routine Inspections

9. Performing Entry and Exit Inspections (Ingoing & Outgoing)

LiveAgent Quick Tips