FREE Workshops: Compliance, Risk Control and Maintenance

A great opportunity to attend a Free workshop and get informative and useful information about compliance and improved property maintenance processing.


Each state has different legislation, regulations and responsibilities making it difficult for Property Managers to keep up with constant change. Critical information that as a PM you must be on-top-off, such as pools and pool fencing and other essential legislation can take up a lot of your time, even creating doubt as to what is current and what is not.

Safety of Tenants and Staff

How safe are your tenants in the property, personal safety for yourselves, where do you draw the line between your responsibility and the owner’s responsibility? Knowing these things plus more will help you get a better understanding and appreciation of the fine lines. It’s all these things that we realised could cause a property manager, agency owner and even landlords stress and anxiety and added pressure.

Mini Workshop

With all that in mind, Property Safe / Maintenance Manager, Console, Smoke Alarm Solutions, Property Condition Report and myconnect have come together and created a mini workshop to help you get the right information and processes in place to ensure you are aware of all tasks, responsibilities and ensure it’s all captured, documented, managed and audited to better protect you, property managers and the Agency against legal claims.

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Your event host PropertySafe / Maintenance Manager with the combined forces with Console, Smoke Alarm Solutions, Property Condition Report & myconnect to bring you the ultimate FREE 2-hour workshop that will be highly educational and give you easy solutions and strategies to adopt.

Workshops commence from:



The workshop will cover everything from;

  • Educating landlords about tenant safety
  • Maintenance workflow software solutions
  • Effective automated reminders and creation of audit trails
  • The effective management of smoke alarms for Agency compliance
  • Interfacing of software platforms to save time and receive plenty of takeaway tips you can adopt in your agency.
  • How to save time with auto invoice uploading and processing via the integration of the GatewayLive & Maintenance Manager systems

And much, much more!

You will see a live demo of the complete workflow handling of a safety hazard in a property using advanced integrated systems and how this process will automatically produce a complete legal audit trail to better protect you.

This workshop is essential for Principals, Department Managers, Property Managers and Trust Account Managers. We encourage you to bring along your whole team.



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