Property Managers this is why you need to to do this upgrade to V7.32

What’s this update about and why should you update?

Because your job is complicated, time-consuming and often challenging, this new release is not only a necessary change; it will benefit you and the business in a multitude of ways.

Watch our short 4-minute video below on the advantages and how to perform the changes. It’s critical you update to get these benefits when you’re notified of your specific release date.


When can I get this new version?

This version of GatewayLive 7.32 will be delivered in stages, and it’s critical you update to get these benefits when you’re informed of your specific release date.  You will be promoted when you login to GatewayLive when you can update, so please keep your eyes open for your release date.

Here are some significant benefits to this new version:

  • Backups can now take minutes to seconds. Now that’s a good idea:  Reduce your backup time from hours to minutes, and minutes to seconds
  • More Flexibility:  Backup more frequently, with lower risk and more flexibility
  • Interface Enhanced:  Improved and modernised user interface for easier use of backup wizard Best Practice & General Information

Best Practice and General Information

  • Schedule Backups with Ease:  Perform full backup minimum once per week at the beginning of the week; OR maintain existing scheduled overnight backups if you prefer
  • Improve disbursement times:  Replace time-consuming backups before disbursements:  Replace your current full backup process before disbursements and other GatewayLive activities with differential backups instead
  • Time-Saving: This will ensure only the existing changes since your last backup are saved, significantly reducing the amount of data needing to be backed up, and therefore time required

For full details on the enhancements made to the backup and restore capabilities, as well as answers to common questions, please spend a few minutes reviewing the information in our knowledge base:


For Full IT implementation instructions click here

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