Property Manager Portal

Property Managers Portal, access at your fingertips

Included with GatewayLive, is the newest addition to our product suite offering you the tools and information you want and need on-the-go! Your Property Managers Portal will help you save time and add flexibility to your already hectic work day. Your Property Managers Portal is a self-service, web-based portal that allows you to access your GatewayLive data anytime, anywhere from any device*

What information will my Property Managers Portal show me?

  • Property Details
  • Lease Information (rent amount, rent period, paid to date and more)
  • Contact Details (Owners, Tenants, Property Managers, and Creditors)
  • Contact Relationships to Properties

What functionality does my Property Managers Portal have?

Your portal is designed to make it easy for you to do your job from anywhere, and the portal helps you do this through the use of features such as:

  • Click-to-call enabled on all phone numbers attached to contacts. Make phone calls with a single tap directly from the portal when using your phone
  • Click-to-email enabled on all email addresses attached to clients. Send emails from your email client directly from your tablet or mobile device
  • Google maps enabled on all street addresses. Instantly look up property or business addresses in google maps by tapping the address in the portal
  • The portal is currently read-only to ensure your data is safe and accurate. GatewayLive feeds data to the portal, but users cannot make changes in the portal that affect Gateway.

Who can use it and how do I know it’s safe?

  • Anyone in your office with a Gateway Login can access it
  • If you have the Gateway Connect plug-in, your data will sync immediately
  • Added layer of security requiring users to have a gateway password set-up.

The portal uses the same credentials as your individual GatewayLive account, so you don’t have to worry about remembering another set of new credentials

How do I get started using it?

If you would like to get started, or even just to see a demo, please contact us and we’ll take care of the rest for you! Your Property Managers Portal is super easy to set-up. In fact, we do pretty much all of the work!

If you would like a demo of GatewayLive, including our NEW Property Manager portal, please contact us.