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Easy SMS Messaging For Your Business

ConsoleSMS provides all the functionality your business needs to communicate simply and effectively with your clients.

Connect with your clients by sending personalised SMS messages to individuals or groups using the latest mobile SMS technology that is guaranteed to save you both time and money!

With ConsoleSMS, you can choose the method that works best for you:

  • Send SMS messages to individual or multiple owners, tenants and suppliers quickly and easily in GatewayLive with just a few clicks
  • Send and receive SMS messages using Microsoft Outlook, or get SMS reminders of appointments in your Outlook Calendar
  • For the real SMS enthusiast, our sophisticated ConsoleSMS Online Portal allows you to login from anywhere to setup address books, send single or bulk SMS, respond to SMS replies and access detailed reports so you can analyse SMS usage and expenditure in your office

ConsoleSMS and GatewayLiveGatewayLive SMS Message Mobile_0

ConsoleSMS integrates with Console GatewayLive to give you a new way to communicate with your clients, all within the one application! Now you can communicate details of inspections, new properties or rental arrears quickly to tenants and owners by sending SMS messages directly from GatewayLive.

All SMS correspondence is stored against the client’s file in GatewayLive and can be retrieved any time.

Sending bulk SMS to several clients is quick and easy, with powerful mail merge tools at your disposal allowing you to customise each message.

Email SMS / Outlook SMS

ConsoleSMS integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 to add a new level of efficiency to your business. You can now send SMS messages via Outlook as easily as you send email!

Replies to SMS messages sent from Outlook are received in email format to your inbox like any other email. Communication back and forth with recipients is easy and traceable, with records of all correspondence stored in your Outlook Sent Items as well as on the ConsoleSMS online portal.

ConsoleSMS Online Portal

Our ConsoleSMS online portal has been designed specifically to be an all-encompassing online SMS platform. You can send bulk messages, view all outgoing and incoming SMS traffic, respond to SMS replies, access detailed reports and much more.


Key Features

Some of the features of ConsoleSMS Online Portal include:

  • Interactive Dashboard – gives you immediate visibility on all SMS traffic and messaging history
  • Advanced SMS Sending – you can send individual or bulk messages to multiple recipients immediately or schedule them to be sent later
  • Enhanced Reporting – allows you to view your activity and delivery status at a glance with the ability to drill down for even more detail
  • Intuitive Web Inbox – encourages interaction with your clients, giving you the ability to respond to SMS replies
  • Mail Merge – personalise your SMS messages by simply browsing and selecting your contact file, merging the relevant details and sending to as few or as many individuals with one click of a button
  • SMS Templates – build unlimited templates that can be reused over and over again, perfect for regular SMS campaigns

If you are interested in adding ConsoleSMS to your GatewayLive subscription, please contact us:

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