The all-purpose solution in Property Management Software

Manage a mix of residential, sales, commercial, and holiday letting all in one place


Property Management Software Solution

Console Gateway is a fully featured and easy to use property management software suite that supports property managers to effectively manage their individual portfolios. It handles a mix of residential, commercial and holiday letting all in the one trust accounting database. You can even blend several rent rolls into one using Console Gateway – if and when you acquire a new book of clients.

As a fully integrated, multi user subscription-based property management software solution it is easy to manage residential, commercial and holiday letting all in one place.

To guarantee your success, we supply affordable, practical, user-friendly systems that support you and your team to get your jobs done, with minimal stress and drama. That’s what we do at Console.

Guarantee success – support your team with a Property Management Software solution that helps them do their job

Predictable, high standard, with less stress

Easy to Use

Console Gateway is designed to make your job easier. It’s better than a spreadsheet or to-do list because it’s purpose built to handle the property management work you do every day.

Easy to Learn

From the moment you implement this solution you’re supported through training, access to helpful hints and tips on the Console Knowledge Base and access to online training and further education.

Easy to Comply

With over 25 years of development and design and the acquisition of ADL Forms Software, you can expect the Console Trust Accounting and legal forms to be fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Understand the capability and advantages of Console Gateway

Console Gateway has a number of capabilities and advantages that can help your Property Management team do their job with greater ease. Depending on the size of your business, how your team is structured, the number of properties under management and the types of properties under management – your requirements may differ. Console Gateway is adaptable to your business’s needs. We’ve summarised the key capabilities for you to make it easy to review and compare.

Property Management Mix




Holiday letting

Short term leases

Accounting & Reporting

Keep your business secure with a professional trust accounting system. Console Gateway will manage your Trust Accounts for residential, commercial and holiday managements. Run one or multiple trust accounts. Utilise our smart features; wizards, invoicing, bulk receipting and BPAY (AU only).

Run reports relevant for each person who needs them. We offer standard property management and sales management reports, through to custom reports, trust accounting reports to rental vacancies plus more. Export them to a Microsoft file or PDF for easy distribution.

Communication & Marketing

With powerful tools built right into your property management software, you can use critical business features like calendars and tasks, send multiple SMS through ConsoleSMS, mail merge documents, property, and actively market to your prospects. You can access your Console Gateway data anytime, anywhere from any device via our self-service, web-based Property Manager Portal.

Simplify your daily tasks, create windows cards with our prebuilt templates, stock listing sheets, track KPI’s plus more. Run combined with your property management trust or separate trust account. Showcase your properties on your LCD screen in reception or agency window using ShowReal.

Save time and reduce errors by creating rental and sales listing advertisements inside Console Gateway and upload direct to the most utilised industry portals including, and


ConsoleGateway integrates with these products and services:

  • ADL Forms
  • BPAY (AU only)
  • REI forms (AU only)
  • RTA (AU only)
  • 1form (AU only)
  • YesBookIt (AU and NZ)
  • ScanAssist (AU and NZ)

Added capability and functionality for Console Gateway

The Property Manager Portal is a great addition to the Console Gateway offering. It is a self-service, web-based portal that allows you to access your data on Console Gateway anytime, anywhere from any browser based device. You can access property details, lease information (including rent amount, rental period, paid to date and more), contact details (owners, tenants, property managers and creditors) and contact relationships to properties.

Your portal is designed to make it easy for you to do your job from anywhere by enabling you to call or email clients directly from within the portal. Instantly look up a property or business address in Google Maps by tapping the address in the portal. The read-only setting ensures your data is safe and accurate.

Complete maintenance tasks onsite whilst doing inspections or run them from the office on your Console Gateway system. Take care of work orders, track maintenance status, provide work orders and create payments upon completion all within Console Gateway through the integration with Maintenance Manager.

Maintenance Manager, by Property Safe, is the ultimate risk mitigation and property maintenance system for you, your landlords, tenants and trades suppliers.

Reduce the time it takes to complete a Property inspection by up to 50% with the Console Inspection App (exclusive to IOS). The App allows you to view all inspections – past, current and future – track finished rooms, pull up a detailed property view, and add high quality photos.

You can also use Apple Maps to navigate to the inspection location, the Siri enabled voice to text feature makes note taking on the go possible. Best of all you can generate and send inspection reports direct plus log onsite repairs and maintenance for that property too. Both important features for keeping your Owners happy.


ConsoleSMS provides all the functionality your business needs to communicate simply and effectively with your clients. Connect with your clients by sending personalised SMS messages to individuals or groups using the latest mobile SMS technology that is guaranteed to save you both time and money!

The system integrates with Microsoft Outlook and enables you to send and receive from inside Outlook and Gateway, you can also send appointment reminders by SMS  and you can also access ConsoleSMS on the go via the online portal and access detailed reports so you can analyse SMS usage and expenditure from anywhere.

How do I get started with Console Gateway Property Management Software?

Free Presentation

Get in touch and we will arrange for one of our Business Managers to conduct an initial free product presentation. Your Console Business Manager will be able to answer any questions you may have in more detail and provide an overview of our scalable product packages to make sure you get the combination of capabilities to meet and drive your business needs.


Your Console Business Manager will also establish any other areas where we can work with our Implementation Support Team to get you up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your business. This plan will involve training for your team and assistance with data migration.

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