We’re building a Community where every person in the property industry is welcome

Property Managers are the centre of our universe

Console Community will cater to anyone in the property industry seeking information to better themselves in their property career. This community is also a place where people who wish to participate in providing information to assisting their peers in the industry can come and share their ideas and experience.

Our goal is to help you be self-sustainable in your learning and provide you with incredible value by way of education, training and high level product knowledge and expertise.

We’re working towards having Console Community live and ready for use towards the middle of the year. In the meantime, remember that you can access information and product help via the support page and existing knowledge base.

Access information, knowledge, training, and connection with like minded individuals and teams within the property industry

What you seek

Console Community is your portal to the property industry. Login to a custom dashboard, log a support case and get a response. Manage your account and notification settings. Sign up to receive release updates, latest news, special offers and invitations to conferences and events. Everything you need in one place.

Expect to find

You can expect to find everything you need from Console all in one place. We’re building a new Knowledge Base and with the introduction of a single sign-in capability, your unique Console ID is your personal access all areas pass into the Community. Best of all – the training you do can be taken with you, even if you change Agencies.

More to come

We’re starting with the most important features and there are a bunch of other ideas and concepts that we will continue to develop on the coming months including Console Academy (Training Certification), Industry Hub (Forums & Industry Resources) and Console Lab (Haven for Tech Teams).