Redefining Property Management Software

Revolutionary. That’s Console Cloud.

Since introducing our first customer to Console Cloud back in April, we’ve been keeping their feedback at the centre of our product design and build to make sure that what we’re developing does everything you need as well as much, much more.

After 25 years building trust accounting software, we know how complex it is. Like many software programs, we are developing Console Cloud piece by piece and deploying updates on a regular basis. We’re progressively inviting more clients to the platform as our features and capability set grows. We want to get the right fit, so if your agency is right for the current version of the platform, we’ll be in touch and make sure you’re operationally ready before inviting you to upgrade.

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In 2017, we’re solving a different set of problems for today’s Property Managers than the ones Console solved back in 1992. Our goal isn’t to design a solution for the problems you experience today, you already have that in our Gateway product, and we aren’t simply putting Gateway in the cloud. Our goal is to design a platform that solves problems for the future, and problems you didn’t even know you had!

Our cloud-based platform is being continually refined to be truly user-centric. It’s property management software with capability that doesn’t currently exist in the industry. We couldn’t be more proud of our history, progress, and what’s to come.


Cloud software with industry-first capability, designed and refined meticulously with customer feedback front of mind.

1st Principles

In moving to a new platform many organisations will simply lift the existing features into the new platform. At Console, we deeply understand the changing nature of the way you need to work, like seamless communication with your landlords, tenants and suppliers, and removing the friction out of every transaction in your day. We’re listening to what you’re telling us, and designing what you need.

Outside the box

We’re comparing our approach with best practice problem solving and design thinking in other contexts, countries, companies and industries. We’re looking hard at the issues for today and tomorrow, and designing from the bottom up, partnering with like-minded organisations with complimentary offerings to deliver brand new capabilities never before seen in the real estate industry.


We’ve recruited the best and brightest to join our development team to build a platform of highest quality in the shortest possible timeframe. Our first clients are now operating their business using Console Cloud with weekly feature updates based on their feedback. We’ve also commenced work on integrated apps to help you get your work done more effectively, when and where you need to.

How do I find out more about Console Cloud?

To learn more, make sure your read through the FAQs we have put together and posted on our blog.

We want to hear from you and continue solving problems and designing solutions together. Join the Console Cloud feedback group and be among the first to join Console Cloud when it becomes more available for your sized agency during 2017.


Join us on the journey