Redefining Property Management Software

Console Cloud. Revolutionary not Evolutionary.

When the best companies in the world embark on a process to create something new, they don’t go to their last great achievement and try to evolve a new solution from the previous one. They start from scratch, with a blank canvas. Why do they take this approach? Because they are trying to solve a different problem – and produce a different result – with a new product than the one the previous product was originally designed to solve.

The same is true for Console. In 2017, we’re solving a different set of problems for today’s Property Managers than the ones Console solved back in 1992. That’s why we’ve started from scratch with the development of our cloud solution. We’re partnering with you – our loyal and trusted clients – to search for and understand the problems, figure out the outcome you need and build that process into a software solution.

We’ve built ConsoleCloud from scratch and we’re partnering with you to invest in the next phase of your property management journey. This platform is built for today’s complex property management world while adding capabilities you need for tomorrow. It’s an exciting milestone in Console’s development and we will share more and more with you in the coming months.

Our first client is now in the cloud with more clients to be invited to join the platform in the coming months. From July this year the solution will be made generally available to smaller agencies as more and more capabilities are added. We’re here to help you shape the future of property management. You can register here for more information or to become an early adopter.

Imagine if you waved a magic wand and YOUR perfect version of a property management software solution appeared right before your eyes.

1st Principles

This process is truly remarkable. In moving to a new platform many suppliers will simply lift the existing features from a previous version. At Console, we deeply understand the changing nature of the way you want to work. Communicating seamlessly with your landlords, tenants and suppliers. Taking the friction out of every transaction in your day. Listening to what you are telling us and designing what you want and need.

Outside the box

We’re also looking outside the real estate industry and comparing what we’re doing with best practice problem solving and design thinking in other contexts, countries, companies and industries. We’re looking hard at the issues for today and tomorrow and designing a whole new platform from the bottom up. We’re partnering with other like-minded companies with complimentary offerings to deliver first to market capabilities never before seen in the real estate industry.


We’ve recruited the best and brightest to join our development team to build this platform to the highest possible quality in the shortest possible timeframe. After months of development, our first clients are on Console cloud with more to follow in the months to come as more and more capabilities are added. We’ve also commenced work on integrated apps to help you get your work done more effectively, where and when you need to.

How do I get started with Console Cloud?

By invitation our first clients are already using Console Cloud with more clients joining in the coming months. We will also continue to engage with our clients. We want to hear from you and continue solving problems and designing solutions together. Join the client feedback group or register here to receive updates and be among the first to join Console Cloud when it becomes more available for your sized agency during 2017.

Join us on the journey