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Consolidating Portplus under the Console brand

The Onthehouse Group is proud to announce the consolidation of its real estate services division under a single Console brand, and unveil a new range of complementary subscription upgrades, and product bundles, that take advantage of the broader Group offerings.

Console, which historically offered products such as GatewayLive, LiveAgent, and OnlineAgent, will now absorb the former PortPlus software solutions of WebChoice, MobileAgent and ClientManager.

Portplus Support

As a current WebChoice or ClientManager customer, you can access the same administration and support pages as before using the green LOGIN button at the top right of every web page.

This consolidation, although subtle in look, heralds both a renewed focus on the individual products themselves, and also a desire to add value to our clients though the integration of these products with the additional benefits available from across the Onthehouse Group.

By combining our software products under the Console brand, and integrating benefits from Residex and added-value services from the Real Estate Ad Network and onthehouse.com.au, we are signalling our renewed focus on developing the most complete set of services for the real estate industry – services that drive both cost-efficiencies in your back-office and enable prospecting, marketing and growth for your business.

Re-shaping our services

This re-structure has been a necessary interlude to help us re-shape our services; the services we feel are needed to help drive growth in real estate businesses and we thank you for your support, continued business, and the patience you have shown us during the period of re-structuring we have been working through.


Console's range of products can enhance your business with products such as GatewayLiveLiveAgent, and OnlineAgent, will now absorb the former PortPlus software solutions of WebChoiceMobileAgent and ClientManager.


Introducing the 'new' Console family

Familiar products

With new product bundles



United under one brand

Onthehouse Group is proud to announce the consolidation of its real estate services division under a single Console brand. It is also unveiling a new range of free subscription upgrades and product bundles to take advantage of the Group's broader product offering.

Onthehouse Group

Includes three other brands that complement Console's products:

  • Residex, the property information and research arm;
  • Real Estate Ad Network, a media company helping real estate agents to monetise their online and mobile presence;
  • Onthehouse.com.au, the only real estate portal to offer data on over 98 per cent (13.5million) of Australian properties.

The Console product suite, enhanced and bundled with the rest of the Group's solutions, are designed to help real estate agencies to:

  1. Build better relationships and talk to more prospects

  2. Increase leads and close more deals

  3. Manage extra clients and operate with greater efficiency

  4. Monetise their data and website traffic

  5. Save time and money.

Management, marketing and CRM products

Property Management

Co-ordinates sales and property management to deliver superior service and outstanding satisfaction to tenants and landlords.

Website & Listing Management

Present your agency and listings professionally on various devices with an easy-to-use, feature rich website.

Sales Management

Create more opportunities and close faster by having a client database, centralised information and streamlined client...