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Console have aligned ourselves with recommended partners who can deliver a cloud-hosted service for GatewayLive.

Introducing The New Cloud Solution Range

By choosing a cloud hosting service for your office, you can avoid the cost of maintaining a server to operate GatewayLive and other software applications, while enjoying the benefits of the cloud computing revolution.

GatewayLive%20Cloud%20Hosting%20Imac_1_1With cloud hosting, you can access the full version of GatewayLive 24/7 on any device that has internet access, with all the great features you have used and loved.

Why Host GatewayLive in the Cloud

  • Access your entire GatewayLive program 24/7 anywhere, anytime
  • Save thousands of $$$ with your Cloud Hosting Provider taking care of your IT needs
  • Keep your existing data
  • Disaster Recovery is taken care of for you – giving you Peace of Mind
  • Added Additional Benefits
  • Our Preferred Cloud Hosting Providers


Why host GatewayLive in the Cloud?

Access your entire GatewayLive program 24/7 anywhere, anytime

  • You have access to multiple Trust Accounts & Databases
  • Access the entire program anywhere around the world
  • Gain more flexibility with staff completing work from home or work

Save thousands of $$$ with your Cloud Hosting Provider taking care of:

  • Server Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Software Updates and Patches

Keep your existing data

  • All your accumulated GatewayLive data will be available once the migration to the cloud is complete
  • You can pickup from where you left off without the need for additional training

Disaster Recovery is taken care of for you – giving you Peace of Mind

  • Server backups are now outsourced to your Cloud Provider
  • Multiple Disaster Recovery sites in locations around Australia and New Zealand

Additional Benefits by our new Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Email server hosting
  • Third party application hosting
  • Off-site backups
  • 24/7 server monitoring

We recommend that you contact each of the vendors below and discuss your requirements so they can tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Please contact our Preferred Cloud Hosting Providers for more information:


  • Viatek
  • Zeara
  • Think Office Technology

New Zealand:

  • The Digiweb Group



Viatek has a proven record with servicing the technology needs of the real estate industry. Hundreds of real estate offices across Australia rely on technology solutions from Viatek. Their tailored and sustainable technology solutions focus on addressing two core business issues for real estate clients:

  • How to help real estate businesses grow their rental roll and increase listings?
  • How to free up time for people in the real estate business so that effort is focussed on serving current clients and winning new ones?

Viatek tailor a cloud offering to suit real estate businesses. Viatek can host an individual application such as Console GatewayLive or can help with moving all of your IT operations and infrastructure to the cloud. The key benefits:

  • A Citrix platform…for performance and portability
  • The best in infrastructure and a backend driven by the most stable Microsoft platforms
  • 99.999% guaranteed uptime from Tier 4, multi-redundant data centres…shared with the largest business and government clients in Australia

The security of client data is absolutely crucial to Viatek. Viatek guarantees the use of Australian data centres only. None of their client’s data is offshore. Viatek owns all infrastructure within the Tier 4 data centres that host it. Their cloud environments are protected by enterprise level, multilayered security and feature Cisco firewalling and switching. Viatek also uses Cisco IPS for advanced protection against intrusion attempts and data is backed up to multiple data centres for disaster continuity.

Viatek offers outstanding support to their clients with SLAs that govern their response to problems and issues. Viatek has delivered historical uptime of 99.999% to their hosted clients. With a team of 30+ technical and engineering staff, clients can be comforted in knowing that they have a well-resourced and highly capable cloud technology partner. Viatek’s Australian based help desk is available to clients 24/7.

When it comes to choosing a cloud technology partner for your business…Viatek support is up there with the best in the industry.

For more information please contact:

Phone: 02 4969 4888
Email: [email protected]

Zeara Logo

Zeara is one of Australia’s leading cloud solution providers with more than five years’ experience developing, managing, and supporting market leading cloud products and services. They partner with companies who recognise the importance of having a cloud strategy in place to drive further business growth and increase profits.

Zeara currently offers tailored cloud solutions built on their cloud platform that can either host a single application such as Console GatewayLive or become a complete in-house server replacement. They can host all your email, files and applications and deliver them securely over the internet to any device.

Their cloud platform was built with security at heart following best practices for data security. This means your data can only be accessed and viewed by your company and it can even be restricted to individuals within your organisation. All your data is also protected by enterprise-grade firewalls on their network and antivirus software and intrusion detection systems add an additional layer of security.

Zeara’s committed service team takes pride in what they do and love helping their customers because, let’s face it, without them Zeara wouldn’t exist. “We believe one of our biggest strengths is our people and many of our staff have been here since our inception.”

Zeara provides a dedicated helpdesk available Mon – Fri and 24-hour cloud monitoring and support for emergencies.

For more information please contact:

Phone: 1300 248 766
Email: [email protected]

Think Office Technology Logo

Think Office Technology specialise in delivering progressive technology solutions that offer superior value, reliability, and quality. With a customer-first focus, their team of qualified engineers is results driven and committed to bringing an exceptional service experience to their customers. Established in 1993, the company has expanded into a collection of eight dealerships with a service area covering all of Queensland. Think Office Technology currently employs over 100 staff.

Think Office Technology uniquely offers fully managed cloud environments from within Telstra’s Australian Datacentres. With an investment of more than $1 Billion in Datacentre infrastructure, Telstra has developed world-class hosting facilities. Their tailored cloud platform for Real Estate businesses has been designed to provide users with fast and reliable access to Console Applications such as GatewayLive. Key benefits are:

  • Proven record of delivering high-performing cloud solutions to Real Estate customers
  • Holistic ICT solutions designed to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Superior understanding and delivery of cloud technology solutions
  • 99.99% Guaranteed uptime with 24/7 Access to critical business applications
  • Geographic Redundancy included as standard.

Telstra’s Cloud Infrastructure and the Telstra Next IP Network are certified to ISO 27001 International Data Security and Privacy Compliance Standards so you can rest assured your critical business data is secure. Telstra Datacentres are protected by sophisticated intrusion detection / prevention systems (IDS/IDP) and stringent monitoring including:

  • 24/7 onsite security personnel
  • Electronically secure floors with access restrictions in place
  • CCTV surveillance for corridors and rooms hosting ICT infrastructure
  • Secure ICT infrastructure including locked cabinets and cages
  • Network-based firewalls to protect the entire cloud infrastructure perimeter
  • Denial of Service Protection and Remote Access Security
  • Regular Penetration Testing and Vulnerability checks by a third party.

Customers can opt to select Think Office Technology’s managed cloud option which includes 24/7 monitoring of server resources and alerting when resource utilisation is nearing capacity. Their certified IT professionals can be contacted through a centrally managed helpdesk which operates from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, with 24/7 after hours services available.

For more information, please contact:

Think Office Technology
Phone: 07 5390 3000
Email: [email protected]


The Digiweb Group

In 2014 two of the largest NZ Based hosting companies, Digiweb and Web Drive, came together to form the Digiweb Group.

The Group is now New Zealand’s leading specialist application hosting provider serving customers from SME’s to Software Developers, Financial Institutions, Medical Solution Providers and Government Departments across New Zealand and Australia.

Customers like BNZ Bank, ACC and NZ Police look to Digiweb Group to provide the rigorous security and cloud hosting expertise required for internet accessible applications storing sensitive data.

With 44,000 customers and over 17 years’ experience, the Digiweb Group has the depth of expertise to solve your challenges. Digiweb Group employs 80 people with more than 50 NZ based System Engineers, IT Service Desk, and Support staff in offices in Christchurch and Auckland. The group maintains infrastructure in Auckland, Christchurch, and Sydney.


Digiweb Group provides a fully managed virtualised infrastructure for hosting your applications in the cloud. They ensure that your applications are backed up daily and monitored 24 x 7 leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on your business. Infrastructure is fully fault tolerant so that hardware failure will not impact the smooth running of your business. Their network is peered with all the major NZ based network providers ensuring fast reliable connection to your applications.


Digiweb Group host applications storing financial data, patient data and government data requiring strict security standards. All physical locations are monitored and secured 24×7, staff are security cleared to access systems and do so in accordance with Digiweb Group’s security policies. Several strategies including firewalling, Intrusion Detection, DDOS mitigation, Virtual Private Networks, SSL certificates and Web Application Firewalls are available as appropriate to secure network access. A security specialist is available to assess your security requirements and ensure that your specific needs can be met.


The Digiweb Group’s philosophy is to provide customers with a support team and not a call centre. “Your call will be answered by a person in less than 20 seconds, 98% of the time” (Digiweb Group’s Internal KPI report, 2011).

With a team of more than 50 NZ Based System Engineers, IT Service Desk and Support staff, Digiweb Group is well placed to keep your websites or applications online and running smoothly.

Digiweb Group manages your daily backups, disaster recovery, OS updates and patching as well as being available 24/7 to assist with any server issues. They manage your server so that you can focus on your core business.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Hyndman
Phone: +64 3 961 9556
Email: [email protected]