Console Cloud is here.

Our first Console client is in the cloud.

The next wave of clients are scheduled to come onboard in July, by invitation only.


Thanks for choosing to find out more about the Console Cloud platform and what it could mean for your business.

We’re genuinely excited to have you join us on this journey so we can shape the future of property management together.

As with all new product development processes, things take time. For Console Cloud, we will continue to build capability into the platform over the next 12 months until we have a solution that can service every size Agency and property mix in the market.

So depending on how many properties you have under management, how many Property Managers, whether you have a mix of residential, commercial, and sales trust accounting that you need your software to deliver – your ‘go-live’ on Console Cloud will differ.

Regardless of when you get into the cloud, by registering to be part of this group, you will receive regular project updates, we will contact you periodically to ask if you would like to participate in user feedback group sessions, and you may also be invited to become an early adopter.

So go ahead and complete the registration form and join us on the journey.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Team Console


Console Cloud Enquiry Feedback Testing