New GatewayLive Invoice Automation – ScanAssist

GatewayLive version 7.30 is now in early release and available to a select few customers.

This version brings an exciting new integration with Viatek’s ScanAssist document capture solution that will change the way you run your business today!

Save Days of Data Entry

With GatewayLive v7.30 and ScanAssist, you can now automate the accounts payable process in your office, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year through gains in efficiencies. This means you have more time on your hands to do what you do best, offering the best service to your clients.

Scan Assist Logo

ScanAssist works by reading information from invoices that are scanned using your office scanner or multi-function device, and passing that information directly into GatewayLive to automatically create payments.

Copies of invoices in PDF format are also filed in relevant property files in GatewayLive and included along with landlord statements during a disbursement. If you are a Property Manager who spends a lot of your time manually keying in invoice data for payments and collating them with statements, imagine the amount of time you will save by automating this entire process!

Here’s what some customers are saying about the integration between GatewayLive 7.30 and ScanAssist

“We have now just upgraded to the Accounts Payable integration with ScanAssist.  This updated system is proving its efficiency in regard to the time-saving feature of attaching invoices to statements through an electronic and printed version, thus saving approximately a day of my pa’s time in collating and sorting statements both mid and end of month.

It has and will continue to cut down on the need to copy and manually file invoices; with the invoices now being saved in a PDF form directly to Console, thus saving more time. ” – Amanda Murray, Robert Crawford Real Estate

If you are interested in joining our early release programme, please visit Viatek’s website and fill out the online form with your details to register your interest.