GatewayLive Faster Backups Version 7.32 instructions and benefits

This section covers full instructions for the technically inclined and those responsible for maintaining technology.

  • We no longer support operating systems pre-Win7, this includes Windows XP & Vista. These older operating systems are not compatible with the new web security certification (SHA-256) that became standard earlier this year, following the phase-out of SHA-1 certificates, which were no longer deemed secure. Gateway’s certificate still used SHA-1 and as result browsers were starting to flag downloads of Gateway and Gateway Connect as invalid/bad.
  • This update to the minimum operasting system requirements also means that your server must be upgraded to at least, if it isn’t already, Windows 2008 R2 or later. Specifically, this means that if you’re currently running Windows Server 2003 (Vista) or Windows Server 2008 (XP) you will need to upgrade your server, before you attempt to upgrade to 7.32.2
  • Backup to any location other than local server location is no longer available in its previous form. The backup destination/shared folder can be changed to another location providing the following requirements have being met (recommended that you refer this point to your IT dept if you want to enable this):
    • The shared folder being entered is a UNC (universal naming convention) path (e.g. \\NAS\Console Database Backups)
    • The shared folder is accessible from the workstation(s). Workstation must have read/write/modify permissions
    • The shared folder is accessible from SQL server machine (SQL process must have read/write/modify permissions)
    • Once the shared folder is created, it’s just matter of changing the shared folder settings under Tools > Options > Folders.
    • Remember to update the Shared folder setting on others workstations

How do I get the latest version of GatewayLive?

For customers currently using version 7.20 or higher the upgrade process is much simpler as you will receive a pop-up message when you open GatewayLive which guides you through the upgrade. If you are on an earlier version, however, you can download the full release from the ‘Downloads & Updates’ section of myConsole; Australian customers can click here, and New Zealand customers can click here to go there now.

To check which version of GatewayLive you are running, in the GatewayLive menu go to Help -> About Console Gateway. The version number will be displayed on the top line in brackets.

Remember that, as with any new update on any system; it is wise and recommended that you take a backup of your current database before upgrading.

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Before being able to update to the faster backups release (7.32.2), you will be prompted to update to (7.32.0). This pre-requirements ensures that the relevant updates to your Microsoft security certificates are completed before upgrading to the 7.32.1 release. You will be prompted via the auto-updater as usual to complete both upgrades.

If you have any further questions about this or GatewayLive in general, please visit our new Knowledge Base for hundreds of answers to common questions.

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