Every Agent Has a Story – Doug Driscoll – CEO of Starr Partners

Many people say they could write a book about their life and stories. Well, here we have compiled some stories of individuals in the real estate industry and their Confession.

Elite Agent Magazine and Console have created a new series called ‘Confessions: Every Agent Has A Story.’

Some of our stories are light and funny, and some are more severe and a warning to others to be careful. When you think about it, as an agent or property manager, you are entering homes possibly with only one person who you don’t even know.  These days more agents are taking better precautions on security checks.

The story from Doug covers his story on his own property in the UK.  What happens when the landlord takes things into their own hands and confronts the tenants?  Here is a very good story of what not to do and probably one you can share with your landlords to deter them.  Many people think, but I can do it better that the Property Manager, I know better, it’s my property, I know people and the list are endless.

Here is our 6th release:

Doug Driscoll, CEO Starr Partners

Each Friday we will release a new video for our series, which will take us to 12 videos in this series.  We hope you enjoy these true stories.

Feel free to contact us if you want to provide feedback or share your story.