Console SaaS myths debunked and recent changes

We have been busy since our recent change of ownership, and our company is going through a whole re-branding exercise, so the good news is we will be unveiling the name of our new SaaS product early in the new year.  For now, we will just call it our “SaaS Product”.

To wrap up 2016, we thought we’d debunk a few myths and set the record straight on a few points relating to our SaaS product.

  • We have started the SaaS Product from scratch to give us the opportunity to bring you amazing software.  We’re taking inspiration from the best capabilities in our GatewayLive product and mixing that with amazing new features, technologies and integrations and we’re working closely with groups of clients to understand how to build software that really does make your life easier.  Don’t expect this to just be a copy of GatewayLive planted “in the cloud”!!
  • We think that we’ll build a new SaaS product that’s so awesome you won’t be able to wait to upgrade to it.  We’re investing in tools to make the upgrade smooth and seamless so that we can keep up with the demand from our GatewayLive clients.  With all that in mind, we haven’t even had the time to think about forcing people to upgrade. GatewayLive continues to be the most usable solution in the market today, and we’ll continue to support it while you continue to use it.
  • We know that we’ll have our first client in the new SaaS Product next March, then we’ll begin to let you upgrade after that. We’ll take things slowly and carefully at first, and then pick up the pace as you, our clients, get comfortable with our amazing SaaS Product until we’re hitting upgrades out of the park.  We know we’ll be able to work to our plan because we’re resourcing up now and the size of our software team will grow to be three times as big to make sure that happens for you.
  • We will get all the capabilities that you need to run a property management portfolio of any size into our software. If we don’t, we’re not really doing our job of making your life easier.  Throughout 2017 you’ll see what the possibilities are when you upgrade to the SaaS Product, and we’re confident that you’ll agree that where we’re heading is a place you’ll want to come to.

All that’s left is to say that we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous 2017.

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